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I’m going to be 1 of 12 guest speakers on the Financial Consciousness for Conscious People Gathering w/Conscious Business Coach Dr. Dana Williams and my interview will be this FRIDAY at 3pm EST and I’ll have a never before seen special offer package. Sign up to listen the series at no cost:

Really great FREE replay of The Kelly Ballard Show if you missed it. We went into more detail about My Liquid Fish and created changes and clearings for anyone who EVER listens. Click here to listen.

From a recent email I received: “Having fun “fishing” praying that it works. I’m a healer, been working on things for years, some have changed, many haven’t – so done with drawn out, complex, yadda yadda and having some big chunks of my life largely unfulfilled.  Thanks for teaching us to fish so we can “feed” ourselves!”E.S.

Winter blues and blah and in need of a tune up session?
Often, friends and family refer new clients and even GIFT them their first session.  Please give them this link  Thanks!

During the Winter months I am hammered by the kind and compassionate as to why someone they love, “just won’t do right”  If you’re reading this, I believe you’re already awesome.  Someone you love or care about may be really manipulating you.  Read over this link below and you may realize that it’s not you, it actually is THEM! worth the read…………..I have had and seen my share of them.

 TGIW Download ~ FAITH ~
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I know what it feels like to have Faith.  I understand Creator’s perspective and understanding from the seventh plane of what  Faith is.  I know how to live my day to day life having Faith in myself, the universe and life.  I know how to live  life without doubting myself, others or life.  I know that from this moment on I live with Faith every day and how to remember this always.  Say YES and by the time you get to the end of the sentence you will feel the change.  

…and so it is now and always

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