TGIWednesday and the aftermath of Valentine’s Day

So the great news is that Valentine’s Day; brought to you by Hallmark/Walmart and Mercury retrograde have passed…Thank goodness for most.  So keep the faith folks and everything moving forward.

I am encoding and empowering this to test strong/positive for you as you read this now.

I believe, think, know and feel that every day,
in every way, my life keeps getting better and better
and so it is…

Below is an excerpt from my big book Tell the Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & affirmations

February 18th:  Devil Girl
I dated a beautiful Taurus girl who was well versed in everything from computers to cooking and cleaning.  She was a lot of fun and other than issues with being cast out by her family as a teenager, she was pretty well balanced.  The majority of the time she was sympathetic, compassionate and even upbeat.  She valued simple things as much as the elaborate and ornate.  She was always great to both of my sons and treated them as if they were her own.  If you crossed her in any way however, look out!  She could curse like sailor and could come at someone twice her size and intimidate them in a near fearless zone.  One of her greatest pet peeves was the drive through and she would enunciate her order clearly and courteously.  One of the last times we were together, my sons sat silently in the back of her SUV as she ordered from the drive through.  I happened to turn around and glance at them and they were praying as if they were kneeling at their beds before turning in.  Are you praying before you eat?  I asked them.  My youngest paused and said, “No dad, were praying for the people in the drive through, that they will get our order right.”  They knew beyond all doubt if the drive through folks didn’t get it right, my girlfriend would park the car and go back in there as wild as a spider monkey.

Today I will take pause to give others a break.  I will allow for human flaws and be patient in traffic as well as on the road of life.  I will take my time to accomplish what I need to and find compassion in all situations.

Tell the Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & affirmations

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