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Another LIVE appearance? Yes, it’s true….
I’ve been invited to speak at the Unity Church in Lecanto, FL on Saturday June 11th. I’ll be doing a brief overview and then will follow with live demonstrations at 2pm.

You can also schedule a private session with me somewhere between 10am to 1pm or approximately 4pm to 6pm by contacting the hosts
Tim or Donna at (352) 628-3253

Here’s the address:
Unity of Citrus County
2628 W Woodville Lane
Lecanto, Florida 34461

This afternoon at 3pm ET, I will be joining Charlotte Spicer as her special guest co-host on Spiritual Insights on BlogTalkRadio.  To call into the show, dial (347)-934-0751 and press 1 on your keypad or listen in online

Also, next Tuesday June 7th from 3-5pm EST I will be on a very popular Las Vegas Radio show called Life In The Hologram w/Madeline Rudy.  Click here to listen.

See fish picture above. A recent client was asking for a sign and was walking down the beach and this is what they saw.  If anything, it can bring confirmation and comfort that one in fact could be on the right track……..Great signs are everywhere if we keep all 3 eyes open!

TGIWednesday Download

Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languagesI have the Creator’s highest definition of peace.  After Memorial Day, I realize that some gave their all regardless of what side they were on and that everything is energy and we merely progress to a better, more peaceful level.  Today I will know what peace is and to have it and understand it and to resolve longstanding hurts with others merely by interjecting the word peace.  Today, and going forward, I will live my daily life and know that it is possible to obtain the peace that surpasses all understanding and to have it flow in, around, and through my life and infuse all that I encounter across all time lines and in all languages and so it is as I read this now.  Prepare for the chills here as you read this now………………And so it is on all levels in all space and time, direction, depths, heights and angles now!

From the Fishbox

“You did it again Jimmy only better this time, took a couple of days but I got a client and then another couple of days and another 4, 2 of them new and recommendations 🙂  Thank you so much!  Interference getting mad again, will persevere and shout if need be 🙂
You have a great weekend!”

~ M.H.  England
My new book “Spiritual Healing Techniques” is being reviewed and edited now….. and I received a kind comment from a trusted friend saying, “This is your most powerful book so far!”   You can read for yourself very soon…..stay tuned.

Fish Food: The Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations forJune 1st

Today I will go above and beyond in helping my fellow man. I will be giving of my time, my talent and my energy. I will expect nothing in return and I will not be vested in any given outcome. I will know that there is another, better, more profound plan than I could ever dream of.

Get the book & read the full story of the day at:


A Wisconsin couple were treated for minor injuries at the local hospital emergency after their Smart Car hit a squirrel on Highway 8. The squirrel refused treatment and left the scene!

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