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Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU
and downloading the highest and the best!I acknowledge the path before me will rise to meet me.  I will chase nothing and allow the ideal to show up for me.  I realize and have come to terms with the fact that variety is the spice of life.  I allow myself to have a number of different streams of income, interests and hobbies.  I relinquish that one thing and replace it with spontaneity and variety.  Spirit makes known my life’s direction and paves the way.  I am asking for this now in all languages and throughout all lifetimes and so it is!You can watch this and all previous 40+ transmission downloads in a special playlist on my YouTube channel.  Click here and please subscribe while you’re visiting!

On Deck! My Liquid Fish® Practitioner Certification

The Certified Practitioner Training for My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® will be available this month!  This will be for existing practitioners who want to become certified to add this technique into their healing practice and also a basic training and private instruction for non-practitioners for personal use.

It will begin with becoming Certified for Level of Mastery and will include two of my most key “fishing” eBooks, specially selected MyBeliefworks™ audios that will help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal “fishing” results, instructional videos, helpful handouts, and private Q&A and LIVE practice with me in person, phone or Skype.

Those who are approved to continue on to become Certified My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® Practitioners can then upgrade to either the Gold or Platinum program.  These programs will include the exclusively written Practitioner’s Handbook as well as hand selected books, videos & audios and additional clearing audios that will benefit you and your practice.  After passing the certification test, your name, website and contact info will be featured on my website. Those who upgrade to the Platinum Package, we will include the ENTIRE DIGITAL LIBRARY of 8 books and 19 MP3s all for 50% off retail pricing.

Interest has been STRONG!  And a number of people are on the sign up list and we will reach out to you directly when it’s time to sign up. Email now to join the list of interested folks.  And we will keep everyone posted!!!

Live Shows and Replays

Imagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE!  Well, it happens every week on my radio show!  I have co-host guests from all over the world that are some of the best psychic readers and intuitive healers on this or any other planet!  All you have to do is tune in for free and listen or even listen to the replay. If you recognize the caller talking about your challenge or issue whether it’s about a job or a health condition, YOU will receive changes & healings just by listening!  Scroll down below for show dates and times and don’t be afraid to call in and ask for help for yourself, a friend, pet or a loved one!
Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show  Tuesday’s 12-noon ET
Call in LIVE
(713) 955-0594
YESTERDAY’S REPLAYRichard Gordon – Author & Founder of Quantum TouchListen JUNE 13th – Troy Griffin – Christian Medium and Psychic Detective
Listen JUNE 20th – Carrie Turcotte – Motivational Speaker, Medium and Radio Host
Listen JUNE 27th – Debbie Dienstbier – Transmedium and Psychic Communicator
Fyi… Jimmy will be taking the summer off from co-hosting the Spiritual Insights Radio Show w/Charlotte Spicer which leaves him more time to work on the new Certification Program and other fun projects that will contribute to YOU!
Browse the entire archive of all past interviews and telesummits here.

From the Fish Box

“Good Morning Jimmy, Today during my morning reading I read yesterday’s Tell the Fish story and affirmation and it made me giggle.  What an amazing way to start my day smiling, happy, and with a full heart.”

Kim B

Fish Food

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for June 7th

“Today I will not judge all books by their covers. I will not pass an opportunity just because everything is not lining up perfectly. I will move things forward down the field. I will not give up or surrender. I will press on and mold the clay in my hands into the vision I have in my head.”

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available to read & learn about My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®?
Need an extra boost? Reach out to Jimmy for a 15/30/60 min. personal session

From the Fish Box

“Hey Jimmy…wished I remembered to contact you sooner. I am a member of your “Prayer Program” but was experiencing both a virus and bacterial infection last week. Needless to say I felt miserable. Then I finally realized I needed to contact Jimmy for additional help! You quickly adjusted my program, offered suggestions and more specific prayers…and the next day things turned around.  I truly felt the difference the next morning…. God bless you Jimmy for your compassion, guidance and prayers.” 

– L.R. / FL

I will dial in to you daily upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day and also run my intelligent computer software which runs 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and the family.  This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone. You can add everyone that lives in your immediate home and yes you can include pets! Merely submit everyone’s name on your prayer list after your purchase. Sign up here for 30 Days!

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