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~Special interest~
My dear friend David was discharged from the hospital Monday! Great Granny Ruth my sweet momma, would say, “Thanks be to God!” For all of you who said prayers and sent healings I want to thank you so much……….some people are stubborn and well…. just plain grumpy cats… but they have big hearts deep down!  He is one of those people.  He has been my friend for 30 years.  I was not about to lose him.  It may sound silly at first pass, but with what we do, often comes responsibility, great power and a sense of duty.  Since it was within my reach I decided I was going to work on him daily and bring him back from the brink, including a machine that was breathing for him, and a grim prognosis in ICU…. if for no other reason than he is my friend, he amuses me and I enjoy his humor and companionship so much.  He was there every day for me when I had my NDE in ICU, so I was going to be there for him times 10.  Thank goodness it worked out!  One love!

~Helpful Reminder~
You can get 30 days of prayer healing for protection and forward progress when you sign up for the 30 Days of Daily Prayer.  So many have written to me lately about the big changes they’ve seen since joining… imagine what could change in your life!

TGIWednesday Download

Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU
and downloading the highest and the best!
It is safe and comfortable to have discernment and direction in my life here and now.  Spirit inspires me and guides me by clearing the path.  In the stillness I am guided and shown my next step.  I am asking frequencies and energies of the highest purity to come upon me now and shine a light on my every step.  I see the illuminated way and it is made clear.  Spirit shows me the simple way and I know beyond all knowing it could have only originated from all that is and so it is in all languages
and throughout all time lines. 
You can watch this and all previous 40+ transmission downloads in a special playlist on my YouTube channel.  Click here and please subscribe while you’re visiting!

On Deck!  My Liquid Fish® Certification

The Certified Practitioner Training for My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® is getting closer to a becoming a reality!  The online membership program is being designed as we speak.  This will be for existing practitioners who want to become certified to add this technique into their healing practice and also a basic training and private instruction for non-practitioners for personal use.

Those interested in the Certificate of Completion will find it includes two of my most key “fishing” eBooks, specially selected MyBeliefworks™ audios that will help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal “fishing” results, instructional videos, helpful handouts, and private Q&A and LIVE practice with me in person, phone or Skype.

The Certified Practitioner Gold Program will include the full basic training modules and the exclusively written Practitioner’s Handbook as well as hand selected books, videos & audios.  After passing the certification test, your name, website and contact info will be featured on my website. Those who upgrade to the Platinum Package, we will include the ENTIRE DIGITAL LIBRARY of 7 books and 19 MP3s all for 50% off retail pricing.

Several people have gotten on the list and we will reach out to you directly when it’s time to sign up. Email now to join the list of interested folks.

Live Shows & Replays

Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show  Tuesday’s 12-noon ET call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

YESTERDAY’S REPLAY Special Guest Kim Kamilla, Psychic/AstrologerListen here May 23 – Sandra Sullivan, Intuitive/Reader
Listen here May 30 – Debbie Dienstbier, Transmedium

The Spiritual Insights Show is back on! Every 1st and 3rd Wed. of the month at 3pm ET Jimmy co-hosts with host Charlotte Spicer and will be taking your calls: Call (347) 934-0751

Listen here TODAY at 3pm ET

Imagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE!

Well, it happens every week on my radio show!  I have co-host guests from all over the world that are some of the best psychic readers and intuitive healers on this or any other planet!  All you have to do is tune in for free and listen or even listen to the replay.  We will take your questions LIVE!  If you recognize the caller talking about your challenge or issue whether it’s about a job or a health condition, YOU will receive changes and healings just by listening!  As you listen say, “I am inviting change for this condition NOW!  And I am asking spirit to recreate the sequences of these vibrations and frequencies differently NOW! And so it is!”  I believe you will be AMAZED at what can happen!  Scroll down to the section on radio shows and appearances for dates and times and don’t be afraid to call in and ask for help/contribution for yourself, a friend, pet or a loved one!  Because YES we can do that remotely too.

Fish Food

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for May 17th

“Today I will allow spirit and blessing to unfold.  I will force nothing and allow for spirit to create that which before seemed impossible.  Outcomes will be created that I never thought possible.  People, places and things will turn out in ways that I had never expected in ways that are better than I had ever expected.”

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available

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From the Fish Box

Hi Jimmy,
I met you at the Dowsers meeting in Fruitland Park a few months ago. I told you I read your Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration and Affirmations book faithfully each day.  Recently a couple (acquaintances) have each lost their jobs. I have been asking the Universe what I could do to help them. When I opened your book today (May 2) the answer was obvious. I would like to gift them a session”

C / Florida

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