TGIWednesday and Gaining Freedom From the Effects of Abuse

MyBeliefworks™ for Freedom from the Effects of Abuse

As we just celebrated Independence Day, let’s now celebrate freedom from all past abuse!

If I asked you to remember what you consider an abusive moment from a relationship, work, school or particular haunting event, I know you would recall something instantly in your mind and your muscle memory… and Spirit recalls it like a dent in the side of your car!!!

If you or someone you love still suffers from the wounds, trauma, or effects of abuse or feels “stuck” by it – which could also go back to past lifetimes – then this audio MP3 is for you!!

Throughout our lives, and especially during childhood, we have been smacked by abuse from parents, siblings, the ones we love and those that love us.  It comes in so many forms; emotional, physical, mental, financial, sexual, institutional, spiritual, verbal, and self-abuse.

This audio lifts, removes and lightens the psyche of those bumps and paves the way so that YOU can return to your joy filled, optimistic self which is the original YOU! 

So for those of you who feel consumed by the wounds and traumas of abuse or are experiencing abuse in the present, haunted by abuse from the past, or have fears of abuse happening in the future, listen to this audio which includes over 100 clearing statements that have come in from super consciousness that will clear and balance your energy and cancel out all abuse.

mbwmp3pdf-abuseIncludes over 35 mins of audio with over 100 clearings – 1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript.  Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device AND I invite you to share it with your immediate friends and family!
It’s available for one week only for just $31 which is a 46% savings!

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Sample Clearings:

  • “Any negative sights, sounds, scents, tastes, hearings and feelings that are related to abuse I have received are released off of me now.”
  • “I am open to receiving, deserving of, and worthy of transmuting abuse into love and understanding, compassion and acceptance, as I hear this now.”
  • “Anytime where I have abused my romantic partner or allowed them to abuse me mentally, physically, spiritually, financially or emotionally is forgiven and released now.”
  • I believe, think, know and feel that anywhere where I have experienced abuse or abused others through direct or indirect contact where I knowingly, willingly or unknowingly created abuse is released now.

Here’s What People Are Saying…

“If your first reaction is that you don’t need to listen to this audio, please think again. Every living being on this Earth Plane has experienced Abuse in one way, shape or form! Thank you Jimmy Mack for this powerful gift of Healing.”  ~ T.W. / Groton, CT

“Thank you for the MP3 download on abuse… as a survivor of rape (age 4) along with many other abuses, I could feel sheets being lifted off of me.  I am also thankful for the release of abuse I’ve done to myself and others, in this life and past lives.  I felt it all lift off of me.  Amazing.” ~ C.K. / Florida

“Great audio! Jimmy covers not only the current but the past we don’t remember and even things we wouldn’t think of immediately! It’s amazing to feel and to see memories and hurt start to fade away and become less painful!” ~E.M. / California

“I sent the mp3 to a friend who is in an actively abusive marriage and she said she got a lot out of it and then the next day she shared that she had taken steps to remove herself from the situation.  When I listened to the abuse mp3 (twice in a row), I fell asleep hard and then felt like resting all day—I guess I was processing powerful healing.  In the next week, I saw that my relationships with men had dramatically improved—I felt friendlier to them in a fundamental way and they were responding to me very positively, like I was magnetic.” ~ C. O. / Washington

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TGIWednesday News

I will be making a personal appearance at Swann Holistic Health Solutions on the last Wednesday in July and in the past they have always sold out!  So mark your calendars for July 26th from 10am to 4pm.

Swann Holistic Health Solutions
Office of Charla K Tempone, DOM,CNM
Achieving Wellness Through Integrative Approaches
39 A Davis Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 873-7773

Please call their office directly (813) 873-7773 to schedule your appointment for a 15 min 33$ or 30 min 65$ session.

TGIWednesday Download


Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU
and downloading the highest and the best!

As you hear or read this now, I am asking that you are released from the ties of abuse.  That you have learned all the lessons that you needed to from abuse.  That your service to abuse ends here and NOW.  In the place of abuse, I am infusing love, understanding, patience and generosity.  Every day and in every way I see your life improving in all directions, depths, heights and angles.  And so it is!

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Here’s the latest 7-minute interview with Marla Martenson with more potent clearings for freedom and an announcement about the Certification program from Jimmy.

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YESTERDAY’S REPLAY – Leah Guy IntuitiveTranspersonal Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Professional Speaker, Media Personality and Modern
JULY 11th – Emmanuel Dagher  Core work, The Energy Forecast, Easy Breezy Abundance and so much more!  This superstar has audios, videos, books and sessions.  Tune in to speak with a master transformative visionary!  Live on the Show!!! http://www.emmanueldagher.comJULY 18th – Toni Greene, Hypnotist, healer, intuitive reader, author, radio and TV host.  www.tonig.infoJULY 25th – Rev. Debbie Dienstbier – Transmedium and Psychic Communicator

 AUGUST 1st  – Rudy Hunter   Pure Energy, MP3’s of healing, woo woo store and so much more.  Rudy brings depth and insight to animal healing and people too with amazing outcomes!

 AUGUST 8th – Elma Mayer   Elma’s ground breaking healing offers insight and simplicity to create profound changes.  She offers live sessions, audios, books and video healings in a wide variety of choices to create deep and lasting transformation.

AUGUST 15th – Zarathustra is an internationally known spiritual teacher and a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer, who lives his life in the truth of NOW. As a clear conduit, he is a very powerful vessel and transmission of the Truth. After years of seeking and visiting many spiritual masters and healers, Zarathustra came to the realization of “that which we seek resides in our own hearts”.

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Fish Food

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for July 5th

“Today I will be open and receptive to the impossible. I will smile in the face of all that is. I will play with the field of all potential and cling to the hope that it will play with me. I will be open to experience that which to some would seem supernatural and I will experience it in the natural.”

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