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I know the Creator’s definition of being inspired.  I know that it is possible to be inspired and what it feels like to be inspired.  I know how and when to be inspired, from the Creator of all that is. I know how to live my day to day life without feeling drained and lifeless.  I know that from this moment on, I am inspired and I feel inspired, and know how to remember this always.

And so it is as I say YES out loud now!

From The Fish Box

“I was almost out of my mind, panic attack, couldn’t get a grip when I reached out to Jimmy Mack. Within minutes I could feel my head clear. A few minutes after that I was completely clear.  The difference was like night and day. I continue to fish daily and am still feeling clear and extremely thankful for Jimmy Mack and his books.”

~M.S., Tampa Florida

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TGIWednesday Tools

Everyone needs a boost in one area or another from time to time.

Whether you need relief from pain/disease, mental stress, obesity, addiction, insomnia or you want to strengthen your love life, sex life, financial abundance, psychic intuition, or career success – these audios give you the affirmation statements that automatically address and clear any negative weakness for you.  It’s all been divinely downloaded from spirit and I encourage you to buy them for yourself and share them with friends and loved ones for free.

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“Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief” Audio mp3: For clearing limiting blocks of professionals and vastly improving outcomes with a dental appointment, a surgery, a tax audit, an insurance claim, investment fears or a legal case – allowing spirit to create the most optimal scenarios for you.

“My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®” book/ebook:  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this handbook will be the updated energetic prayers and make fishing simple & fun.

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for March 23rd

Today I will tap into the circle of life.  I will be at peace with the realization that everything has a beginning and end.  I will come to terms with not knowing all the answers to all the questions and I will allow this day to unfold.

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