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I am asking for forgiveness in this and all other lifetimes. I am forgiving those that wronged me and I am asking for forgiveness from those that I wronged.  As I am hearing this and my conscious and unconscious is acknowledging it so that I can release fear, regret, shame and guilt from all of my past experiences.  I am replacing those feelings and beliefs with love, honor, respect, the opportunity to get on track and stay there and to embed peace, joy and light into myself and all others as I hear this now and so it is.

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Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for February 1st

“Everyone brings something of themselves to the table of life. For today I will not force or emit my drive and desire on others, but will accept them for who they are in the hopes that I can be accepted for who I am. Without judgment or the need or desire to force my will on others. I will go through today accepting and embracing whatever shows up.”

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From a scheduled surgery to 70% improvement in 3 minutes on stage at live event

“Hi Jimmy,
While attending the January Dowsers meeting in The Villages, Jimmy worked on my back.  The week before I had been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and was told surgery was required.  My pain had been very strong & sometimes excruciating!  Jimmy performed healing on my back during the meeting.  Immediately the pain was greatly decreased.  The next day my pendulum indicated a 70% improvement & I had very little pain.  It is now just over a week later and I only have the occasional twinge of pain. My back is much better!  Previously I couldn’t stand more than 3 minutes.  Going on cruise today, standing in several lines with no issues👏

A very happy client,🙏😊
L.C. / Florida

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