TGIWednesday and an apology…

We’re down to the final 24 hours or so and the introductory special offer is still on for the new group of four audio MP3s… Healing physical body disorders, healing emotional & mental stressors, and improving your sleep and sex life all instantly downloadable now for $147 (includes 4 mp3, and 4 pdfs)  Click this link

AND my apologies for not making this clear in the last email… for those of you who want only one or two of them, I am pricing them at $36 each…
(Oh, and if you paid a higher price for one of them individually, shoot me an email and I will refund the difference).  All MP3s are available here

Guess what happens before you know it?  You got it……….back up to retail pricing……and even at that they are a bargain……

Just to be clear.  The Physical MP3 is for a diagnosed body disease state like cancer, diabetes, COPD, lung issues, colon issues etc.
The mental/emotional MP3 is a spiritual remedy for bi-polar, OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, depression etc.
Sleep is for those sleeping too much, not enough or intermittent, hard to go to sleep?  Hard to say asleep?  Brain fog in the AM? Etc.
Sex is for those not getting enough, hard to orgasm, erectile dysfunction, too much and even all the way to addiction!  Etc.

Now if none of the above apply to you, God bless you!  But I would bet some or all of those areas may need improvement OR you certainly KNOW of a relative or friend that needs one or more.  If not for you, then get it for them.  All the best!

A quick heads up that TOMORROW, I will be a guest on Dr. Pat’s new  I’m being interviewed on The Kelly Ballard Show and we’ll be talking about Insight and Inspiration from the Great Beyond! We want to hear from you – she’ll be taking callers at 800.930-2819
Click here to LISTEN LIVE on Thursday August 13th 4pm ET

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I know what it feels like to grow Spiritually.  I understand Creator’s perspective and understanding from the seventh plane of what Spiritual Growth is.  I know how to live my day to day life experiencing Spiritual Growth.  I know that it’s possible to achieve Spiritual Growth without suffering.  I know that from this moment on I am growing spiritually every day and I know how to remember this and never forget it.  No to YES!  and CHANGE!!!  …..And so it is..
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