TGIWednesay and Half-priced Healing Sessions Til The Ball Drops

You may have missed this last week with all the hustle and bustle, but I announced a special offer that ends this Thursday the 31st when the Times Square ball drops – Midnight Eastern – no exceptions.

Just go to the healing shop and spend a $50 minimum on any combination of books (digital or paperback) or audio mp3s and get a one on one session of any length for 50% OFF – FIFTY PERCENT OFF!

I’ll send you a separate email with PayPal half-price links to choose from full hour ($63) half-hour ($32) or 15 minute sessions ($17), plus instructions on how you can gift the session to someone else.

Visit the shop now before time runs out >>

And speaking of the New Year… wondering what’s going to happen in 2016?  Take your first step to improving it all by making a list of strengths and weaknesses and let’s create a session designed to positively charge up all of your chess moves in the coming year.  You KNOW they will include the best projected months for more romance finding you, success in business and greater odds of receiving more $$$, family relationships improving, health, fitness and creating an empowered new you and so much more.

No matter how many “fishing trips” you’ve been on and how much you’ve cleared this year, we can always create changes when we erase more of your:  Regrets, Worries, Insecurities, Disappointments, Stresses/Pain, Doubts/Uncertainties/Indecisiveness, Rejections/Hurts/Losses, Poor Choices/Decisions/Actions, Frustrations/Annoyances/ Grievances

We can fish it all out together! – Make an appt – email

And for even more support for you in 2016, join me at The Joy Generator Summit with Natalie Rose on January 12th.  SIGN UP NOW so you can listen to the entire team of experts that have been assembled for this no cost event.


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“I have the Creator’s definition and perspective of what is feels like to be powerful.  I know when to and how to be powerful.  I live my day to day life feeling empowered.  I know how to live my life without being afraid of my own power.  I use my power with humility in the highest and best way.  I know how to remember this always.”

… No to Yes & Change and so it is from now on!

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