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Tonight’s show with intuitive Bryan Rawls is at 8pm ET……Click here to listen
Call in to speak with us live (657) 383-1895

This past week’s show with Charlotte Spicer was a great show.  Please listen when you can, thanks! It’s all free and there are various healings and changes where there is something for everyone in this show!

More airtime for me… get ready for my new live radio show The Jimmy Mack Healing Show every Tuesday 12noon ET, Starting July 5th. The live call in number is 713-955-0594

Feeling extra crispy and wired out?
Could even be because of change in season, Summer beginning and the energy of the full moon.  Need a session?  Reach out now

Summer Solstice and Full Strawberry Moon!

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“I know how to and what it feels like to change the things I thought I would never change.  I have the Creator’s highest perspective and understanding on how it’s easy, safe and possible and that with God’s help and contribution and the infinite power of the Universe that all things are possible and so it is across all life times, in all languages and within our past, present and even in our future as I hear this and read this now.”

From the Fishbox

“Good Morning, Thank you… my shoulder inflammation and spasm ceased entirely in 3 days after my 1st session with you . Thank you thank you.”

-C.C. Florida

“Jimmy,I attended a group meeting last Saturday and I just want to tell you how not only impressed I was but how much you helped me personally. You were helping a gentleman with his arthritis and you sent the healing out to everyone in the room. My arthritis had been increasingly painful and I was about to go to the doctor to get something for it. When you sent that healing out I was shocked at within minutes my fingers stopped hurting. It has now been almost a week and they have not bothered me at all. I am so thankful for this. 
Also I was able to go up and tell you that I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. You told me right away you knew what was going on and when these were all taken away you looked at me and said ‘There goes the last 50 years’. Again I was in total shock trying to believe that there was any possible way that you could know that. It has been 50+ years that this has been going on. I asked you after the meeting was over if this also meant the suicidal thoughts also were gone and you smiled and said ‘It is all gone’ .
How can I ever thank you enough for the beautiful healings that you have given me. My life feels so positive and I am looking forward to a happier and pain free life.  Thank you so very much for your healings.
Love and Gratitude”
-D.R. Florida

Fish Food: Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations forJune 22nd

“Today I will realize that even if I have a small part in this play of life, I am contributing to the greater whole. I am leaving my mark on a creation that brings promise with it and the ability to delight others in ways than can influence the imagination and outcome of another person’s life”

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