What is your “plandemic” response? Are you prepared for life after quarantine/stay at home?

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Well, the last weekend in April has just passed and we’re getting closer resuming some kind of "new normal" post stay-at-home orders. Are you prepared? Have you been wondering about what life will be like after things open up again?

We want to help give you an energetic reset so you can come out stronger! Together, we’ll open up the flood gates to reinvigorate your life in this FAST paced fun 30 minute Zoom event. It is imperative that when you join us that you’ll contribute to this call. Much like a pot luck supper where everybody brings a dish, we want you to write in with YOUR top 5 concerns haunting you NOW about getting back to “normal”, getting back to working more and some new kind of normal other than the setting on the dryer! Let’s come back strong and better than ever, and charge forward into co-creating a new you and a revived 2020!

The Plandemic: Moving Forward in Life After Covid-19
Wednesday April 29, 2020 – 30 minutes – $22
7:30pm EDT | 4:30pm PDT | 12:30am UK

Replay sent to ALL who are registered.
This will be a non-participation call, all listeners will be muted.

Register Here – $22
You’re invited to attend the special 30-minute LIVE MySwitchWorks call and here are some of the things we will address:

  • releasing depression/ replacing with inspiration
  • releasing patterns of self-abuse/ sabotage
  • forgiving disappointment in myself
  • releasing procrastination / replacing with motivation
  • releasing apathy/ replacing with enthusiasm
  • releasing challenge / replacing with resolution
  • releasing despair, failure and loss / replacing with faith and success
  • releasing muscle memory of survival mode

*Participants send your Top 5 to support@jimmymackhealing

Make progress every day,

PS. Can’t make this Zoom event live? Please know that the replay will be just as powerful as the LIVE event. So get registered now and own a forever copy of this call. Register here: https://calendly.com/jimmymackhealing/the-plandemic

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