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I often see funny/bizarre things when I go to work out at LA Fitness.  Lately, hand to God, a bunch of twenty-something young men worked up a dripping sweat playing basketball.  After the game, several stood by the paper towel dispenser talking about the game and drying off their dripping sweaty bodies with paper towels and hitting the handle release like mice hitting the food pellet bar until the towel dispenser was empty.  The dad in me wanted to say something or help out or suggest they purchase a $2.50 towel from the front desk or bring towels from home.  Maybe I should bring a ton in my bag and hand them out like I’m at an event.  I said nothing and kept walking.

Around the same time (I shower there daily) there is a thin fifty-something man who showers too.  He never brings a towel (ever), just stands in the common area running his hands over his body knocking off the water.  Must not say anything – I think to myself.  Meanwhile I bring a plush beach towel every single day.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong?  Who cares.

We have to all find our own way and at this stage in my life nothing irritates me more than unsolicited advice.  So unless they pipe up and ask my opinion;  I just keep doing me.

In the words of Armin Van Buuren (and I almost cry when he says it)

We all breathe the same air and our origin is the sea.”

It’s like can’t we all just get along? And yes we came from water.

As we gain more life experience we come to a state of awareness that bathes in allowance and acceptance.  You do you, I do me, and we just send out beams of love and kindness to everyone as we all find our own path.  I see you becoming more allowing and accepting as you read this now and I know that it will bring you to a smiling tranquil space of mind.

This video here is of my youngest son Hunter’s band.

He plays lead guitar/green guitar in video. He often helps me film and audio record our MP3’s in the library!  We hope you enjoy it.  Please like and subscribe to their channel.  Thanks ya’ll!

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~ ALLOWANCE & ACCEPTANCE ~I believe, think, know and feel that I can become more accepting of others and their traits, communications and actions regardless of how foreign they may seem to me. I am ready, willing and able to allow others to be their unique selves, make their own decisions and to be in a state of allowance which I know will cause me much less strife. I know, when, where how and why to find the simple way and patterns that keep me on that track to fulfill this life’s mission during this incarnation and I am at peace.  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.

Wishing you the rest of your life will be the best of your life and remember to make a little progress each and every day.

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I just wanted to send an update.  I was over visiting my parents the other day and my dad said his Dr. reported they believe his cancer is gone.  They are still keeping him on chemo treatment pills, and radiation is done for now.  I’m so excited and thankful for your prayers.  This is incredible news, and I would love continued prayers for him :)” – Tiffany H. / Arizona
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