TGIWednesday… Trick or Entity?

Hey ya’ll… if you don’t think Evil is real, then you’re just not paying attention. Often there is a negative vibe in politicians, restaurants, hospitals, the media and some of the people we’re closest to! I would encourage you to stay out of the super scary horror movies, and yes haunted houses, spooky places etc…these are “Unclear” ie. the worst of the worst that can “infect you” (if you will) in a not so happy way.

When I had my NDE in ICU, I was in a control tower in a giant airport. Space Shuttle like crafts were taking off and landing… Negative beliefs were leaving away from me heading down the right side of the runway and up in to the heavens. Positive beliefs were heading towards me on the left and landing on the runway. At the end of the runway evil was shown to me. It looked like baby spiders, snakes, skunks, possums, salamanders, mice and rats. Now, I knew enough to not go down there and play with them; but I was aware that I was so high above them in what felt like a God control tower if you will. I felt that no harm would come to me AND The God stuff was so much more powerful than all of their negative stuff combined.

Please know that I am here for you as a way-shower, guide and beacon and it is easier for me, (now more than ever) to take out the evil, curses, hexes and unclear off of people, places, things, pets and situations. While I encourage and teach everyone I can to do it for themselves with , I am here if you need a little extra boost 😉

Oh, I almost forgot… Mercury goes direct on October 9th so things will be a little less weird…… AND…….. My next book Level 5 Deep Sea Fishing Advanced  is in pre-press now………it will be in ebook and printed paperback formats. Hopefully it will be released during the holidays and in it are some game changers to make your fishing more effective than ever before………
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