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I know Creator’s definition and perspective of what strength is.  I know what it feels like to be strong.  I know that my renewed strength is Creator’s strength and flows to me all the time.  I know when to and how to be strong.  I can live my day to day life with strength.  I know how to live my life without being weak.  I can use my strength with humility in the highest and best way.  I know  how to remember this always.

…and so it is now and always

Figured you might need a little boost in strength in case you need help keeping your New Year’s resolution to lose weight…… and of course there’s always the support of the Being Your Ideal Weight Audio MP3 with the 10% discount that expires Tonight @ Midnight.  I lost 11 pounds just writing it.


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Just thought you would enjoy a quick note of feedback from a 15 minute session.
Let’s create some magic for you too! Email me at“Hi Jimmy,
I have been recovering from a nasty case of the flu.  I have been trying to stop during the day and give thanks for the wonderful  things that I am experiencing at that moment and throughout the day.  All day our conversation was the best thing that had happened today.  But I  am afraid I have to admit that the hot bath I just took is not far behind; for a moment I thought it might surpass our call.  But in the end when I sit  in silence to give thanks.  It is your words and friendship that shine the  brightest.  Thanks my friend for those wonderful 15 minutes.  I think we shook up my cooties and they are on their way out. You are The Best!  Thanks so much for all of your help & support!” – BG

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Here’s another place you could get a chance work with me this week… call into The Kelly Ballard Show this Thursday (800)- 930-2819.  Kelly and I had a great conversation last time I was her guest and am looking forward to it once again. Tune in live at 4pm ET

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