TGIWednesday… post Halloween clearings for the spooky stuff & more

(Finally a cause I can believe in)

Someone asked me what I liked most about Halloween and I said,“November 1st”.  Man, I am glad that one’s over!  Did you know that Terror/Scary movies is a billion with a “b” industry?  There is a part of our brain that comes close to confusing, sex, drugs, terror/fear and excitement.  For those of you that enjoy all the scary stuff, God Bless you! (I hope you’re it off of you!) For those of us that know what entrainment is and would choose a more uplifting/happyx2, joyx2 and positive event, well, keep reading!

I was interviewed twice last week and both hosts wanted to talk about how to release curses, hexes, and all the evil s&%# that people can pick up and get programmed to during the Halloween season.  So if you want to get cleared of some of the scary/spooky stuff take a listen.

Law of Attraction Radio w/Jewels Johnson 
Conversations w/Marla Martensen

Oh and I almost forgot…….for you super stars that just need brief tune ups and tune ins now and again, I am offering a 15 minute session for $32.  Or if you get a half hour, you can turn that in to two(2) 15 minute sessions.  Honestly, sometimes together things can be “fished” up and out so fast that it’s amazing, and I want to maximize our time and your money!

Tons of new cool stuff coming out over the holidays including…..A Travel Audio MP3, and who wouldn’t need that for the holidays with family and beyond!  As well as my new book.

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