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Organizing my thoughts at the dawn of a Sunday St. Paddy’s Day ☘️, I was reminded of our local pub and restaurant O’Keefe’s which is a stones throw from my home.  Tonight we won’t have to endure sloppy drunks or the stench of beer mixed with corned beef sandwiches because we’ll be able to hear the bagpipe processional music in our own living room!

How much of life are you able to still enjoy without having to endure the outing that goes with it?  With technology these days, probably quite a lot.  Lucky us because there is so much to be thankful for when we truly reflect on our lives 🧘, even in these volatile uncertain times,

In the words of my sweet momma Granny Ruth, “We are so richly blessed!” 😇 Yes, yes we are because if you’re reading this chances are you have a phone, electricity, internet, running water and so much more.  Any time I’m down I look at my surroundings and remind myself how lucky I am.  And we see you as being lucky today and always and your life improving in ways of which you previously thought impossible.

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March Zoom Event – NEW DAY & TIME!!
Starting this month, we are moving our LIVE Zoom event to the last THURSDAY of each month and the NEW TIME is 4PM EDT

NEXT THURSDAY MARCH 28TH – 30 minute LIVE Zoom listening event.
4:00 PM EDT/ 2pm CDT/ 1pm PDT/10pm UK 
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THEME:  COSMIC FINANCING – Calling on the ethereal cosmos to bring the financial rain that we so richly deserve!In the midst of all of this worldwide financial upheaval and uncertainty, let’s get tuned into our divine cosmic abundance frequency and help co-create better financial times for ourselves, those we love, and for the world!

Join us on this call and know that they sell out FAST – so get in on it now!  The last 2 Zooms have been at capacity.  Please note that this is on a new day and time, the last Thursday of the month to allow more time for submissions.  The new start time will be 4pm ET New York time in order to accommodate our overseas fishing crew members! FOR MYSELF

1) I’d like to _____
(release lingering money blocks, increase money flows in all forms, receive surprise mailbox money, triple my investment earnings, align with a BIG money frequency, 10x my income, have surplus of money to go on the vacation of my dreams/ buy a new car, boat, RV…)


2) Allow my loved one (sister, brother, daughter, son, grandkids, father, mother, spouse, partner) to______
(get that raise, afford their education, take that trip, win a life-changing amount of money, have money to get married, pregnant, adopt etc)


3) Allow and encourage all people and financial policy makers to ________.
(to increase their cosmic money frequency, support one another toward financial success, work together to set up simple, stable and sustainable financial systems & solutions, to move beyond the frequency of lack once and for all, for more money be spent on preserving our plants and animal resources for the next generation, for all to enjoy a thriving widely accepted currency)

Pre-register Now – $22
What’s On Deck?
Returning to Your Ethereal Restore Point 
An excellent vehicle to support anti-aging, finances even wellness rebirth and a return to splendor!
The release is sooner than you think, keep an eye on your inbox!

Prior to being born you were the culmination of stardust, energy, frequency and vibration.  Upon inception up until delivery you were a perfect being free of judgement, anger, or debt; unencumbered from whatever society, religion, politics, schooling and other people were going to rain down upon you throughout your life.

We’ll take you back to that single point energetically and create a mystical do-over!  This work will infuse a mix of Tesla’s 3-6-9 and David Hawkins’ vibrational scale of consciousness.  As a bonus it will include a taster of the upcoming Cosmic Financing MyBeliefWorks clearings! These clearing statements can reset you back a restore point where you were energetically – prior to financial losses, bankruptcy, a bad divorce, job loss and so on!

Join us on our continuing voyage to navigate the unusual, the different and the deepest changes!
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I believe, think, know and feel that I am lucky today and I count my blessings with gratitude.  I am ready, willing and able to lean into life, roll the dice and take some calculated chances in order to see improvements here and now.   I know when, where, how and why to allow Spirit to be the wind in my sails while the light of the stars illuminates my course towards good fortune.  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.  Know that if you’ll make a little daily progress, the rest of your life will be the best of your life!

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The Fish Market
We have grouped 40+ audio titles into MyBeliefWorks Audio Collections. Find a topic that addresses your issue(s)  We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better and we are ALWAYS working on the next one. Don’t forget… you can share these with your immediate friends and family.

The 5 Anchors Energy Process
The Purple Rain Energy Process
The Magical Golden Key Process

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
Tell the Fish – 365 Daily Inspirations and Affirmations – by Jimmy Mack
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“Today I will focus on what is real. I will endeavor to make the most out of what I have. I will be a realist about my life and those whose lives I affect. If for even a moment I drift into fantasy land about unrealistic aspects of my life, I will seek the counsel of those who are closest to me, those that I trust and confide in the most, to set me straight.”

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Just south of Azeele next to Skin Savvy

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From the Fish Box
  Hi Jimmy, I want to thank you for your help and your time. Your willingness to be at service helping so many people. Your energy is so calming and harmonious even listening to you for a short time is making a difference. I`m thinking about your Tuesday’s transmissions.  Love, Anette
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