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Keeping it short and sweet today…

There is energy in everything and everyone, and can CHANGE anything…even stock trading, money and your good fortune.

Here’s a recent email I received:
Wanted to let you know. We worked on trading a few weeks ago. I had a couple of weeks of choppy sim trading. Kept fishing, and kept the faith that 2016 would be my year! ( according to you! 😉 )
This week I changed up my strategy a bit, Tuesday made and easy $400 sim trading, Wednesday and today I have made both days I made $350 plus, over $700 total (in actual dollars!) Wednesday wasn’t the best, I was down $200, and turned it around! Today was easy! Now, 3 days doesn’t make a consistent, profitable trader, but you can’t be one if you don’t start with 3 days either!
I feel really good about this new program I am looking into and used to tweak my trading. Funny thing is I really like the money management part and my daily goal for each day was only $90! So that was blown away!
Thanks for your help, and I will be scheduling another call in the next week or so to keep me on track! – C. S. 

How is your money and good fortune?  Is it time for a tune up? appointments are available 7 days a week

TGIWednesday Download

Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languagesI know what it feels like to experience the release of the blues.  I understand Creator’s perspective and understanding from the seventh plane of what inspiration, forward momentum and joy is.  I know how to live my day to day life seeing the blues and the snow of life melt as beauty and action takes its place in all things.  I know how to live my life without feeling bogged down by the past, regrets and feelings of stuck and overwhelm.   I know what it feels like to be able to see renewed spring potential in all my experiences.  I know how to remember this always.  And so it is as I read this now on every level, known and unknown, named and unnamed.  YES!  …and so it is now and always

February Love Special

In honor of Valentine’s Day and celebrating finding love of all kinds including romantic love and self-love… I am offering the MyBeliefworks™ for Finding Ideal Love & Creating Dynamic Relationships Audio & PDF at 10% off for the entire month of February.

There are over 100 clearings on this 20 minute audio & here’s a sample:
“I’m in harmony with the process of attracting, being in, and experiencing love, now.
“I’m open to receive my ideal mate now without overreaching, overdoing, or self-sabotage.”
“I am my authentic self around potential mates and I can love completely.”
“The one that is meant for me is drawn to me now and can love me completely.”
“It’s safe for me to maintain the ideal relationship once it has found me.”
“I experience someone ideal who has found me, without me searching for them


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