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to believe my only Grandson is a teenager now, (we also have 4
granddaughters) but when he was barely walking and learning to speak,
he’d run up to the Christmas tree and move everything out from under
it.  He’d then touch each present and look at his mom or his dad
my oldest son and say, “For me?” If they said no, undaunted he would
grab the next one and start piling his presents in a little
corner!  Thinking about it to this day still makes me

But hey, aren’t we all sizing up everything all the time?  A
relationship, the next place to live, a different car, we’re in that
mode where we’re saying to Spirit, “For me?” and hoping that we’ve
chosen wisely.  Often Spirit has even bigger plans and prizes and
surprises in store for us that are beyond our wildest dreams.
That is my ardent hope for you as you read this now.  May the best
of the holiday season and beyond chase you down and rain down abundance
and joy upon you now and always.

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I believe,
think, know and feel that spirit has my back, is looking out for me and
is bringing only the best to me as I read or hear this now.  I am
ready, willing and able to believe in the season and find even when
things are bleak, I will find the joy because eventually the rain
stops! I know, when, where, how and why to allow ethereal spirit to do
all the heavy lifting and bring in that special gift that will make my
season bright! I am asking in all languages and throughout all time
lines and so it is. Wishing you and yours the rest of your life will be
the best of your life and I envision you making progress more and more
each day!

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CALL THEME: Being a Gift to Others
This event will be about cultivating and changing your awareness about
and around gift giving, and being fully grounded and present with
others.  We’ll work with everyone’s request to see if
together we can co-create prosperity that which is more positive
in the ethers while giving back.  We will float up your prayers
and request so that we can experience the magic of the holiday season
and beyond.

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From the Fish Box
“When I read enthusiastic
testimonials about a healing/result, I usually had the tendency to
think “meh, this sounds more like commercial language than truth”
So now that it is my turn to speak I will try to express my joy in
words who can show that what I have to say comes from the heart. 
Jimmy Mack is a modest man. Unlike
many others, Jimmy will not tell you that he can do what no one else can
he should jolly well say so, because that’s the truth.
my case he could even be extremely proud of the result – what he
accomplished for me is simply amazing. When I
met Jimmy I was searching for THE job 
more than a year, but despite all my efforts the results were still
very thin and my hopes were going down. I
felt stuck and lost. 
Then I heard Jimmy
speaking at a broadcasted event. He described the Fish, and I thought
“what a strange and interesting concept”. Then he made a few individual
clearings during the show, and I was lucky to be among the ones who
could benefit from it. He fished out the
“stuck”, and while I was listening something inside of me went “click”.
Suddenly I felt free and confident.

So the next day I went on his webpage and booked a one-to-one session. We
talked about my situation, he fished out my other blocks, helped me
choose the right wording for the daily prayers and gave me advice about
the paths to follow. And then …. things
started to happen
. During the next two months I had interviews
for seven companies, and in the end I even
had a hard time deciding between two excellent offers.
I made the final choice I almost could not believe it was true. My
dream job was finally there. OMG!   

This year’s holiday season will find me
celebrating, with a heart full of joy and gratitude. Thank you Spirit,
thank you Jimmy. May all the good you are doing for people come back to
you as divine blessings. I have become your
Number One fan.” 
D. / France 
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start your day.
 He is doing the heavy lifting for you
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your way and increase your most favorable life outcomes.

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Fish Food 

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
the Fish – 365 Daily Inspirations and Affirmations
by Jimmy Mack


“Today I will recognize and give thanks
within as to how powerful and amazing I am. I will recognize that a
piece of God is in all of us and in everything, everywhere. Miracles
can happen, not just this time of year but in our next moment.” 

deep sea “fishing” with Jimmy!
1 is open to ANYONE at anytime!

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Come See Me LIVE in Tampa 

Mack will be offering sessions at Dr. Charla Tempone’s office at Swann
Holistic Health Solutions. 

See Jimmy in the Tampa
office – FRIDAY JAN.28TH

call their office directly at
  ?? (813)
 in order to get on the schedule for 15-minutes $38
or 30-minutes $68. If you’re new to working with him, we suggest
you schedule 30 minutes.

S. Habana Ave. Tampa, FL 33609
Just south of Azeele next to Skin Savvy

in time for the holidays is the artist Julia who created her
interpretation of My Liquid Fish,. You’ll find a fine art level
painting as well as a neckless to remind you and infuse you with the
power of change!  Visit
her shop here.


If you’ve visited me in person over the
last few months you’ll know that I am now incorporating a special
infrared healing, grounding mat
 for clients to
stand on during our sessions.  I have the pet size one and my
black cat Lily LOVES it! 
 When clients stand on the mat
during a session,
 I believe the grounding,
and other features in this mat, help to
release the negative and download more positive
 than if they did not stand on it.

For any of you who may want to have this in your home to use during our
sessions, I’ve arranged for you to get FREE
shipping when you use the code MyLiquidFishfs
right now, there is a Black Friday Sale going on this week too!

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