TGIWednesday Humor and Free Download for Resilience

Blown away!  That’s all I have to say…The response was overwhelming for the new releases; Safe Travel Audio MP3 and my new My Liquid Fish® book, Advanced Deep Sea Fishing!  It contains a secret hidden link with FREE monthly updates.  If you got in on the deal, thanks!!!  As always, if you feel even a twinge of the holiday static, family blah, tension, or stress, I understand.  If you need to reach out now or at any time 7 days a week during the holiday season, (even for a 15 minute 33$ check in session) email me!

One Love,

P.S. My father crossed over on September 11th and I just got a bill for $61.26 for a “healthcare specialist” for 15 minute visit she made the day before he passed, which to me is almost as comical as the MD Psychiatrist that visited him the month before for 95$’s for a 10 minute visit.  Pretty certain that neither visit was as transformative as what you and I can do together using My Liquid Fish® turbo-charged, super-charged prayer and playing in the cosmic field!

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“Jimmy, I have to admit – wasn’t super excited about the travel audio…was more interested in your new book and the sleep audio one. Must say – LOVED it – as someone who stresses about travel and who travels a lot- it was a true surprise blessing!!!! xxoo ” – A.C.

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“Jimmy, I forgot to mention what happened in my sleep the night I read your book. It was unusual for me. I felt like I was being lifted up off the bed and my whole body was vibrating. Before I finished whatever was happening I woke up…I knew I was ok.” –  J.B.

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“During the winter season and beyond, I know Creator’s definition and perspective of Resilience.  I know what it feels like to move forward with being resilient.  I know what it feels like to be impervious to toxins, illness, and disease.  I know how to live my day to day life being strong and resilient here and now.  I know that from this moment on I am resilient and I will remember it always.”

… No to Yes & Change and so it is from now on!

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