TGIWednesday… Full Moon energy, Mercury retrograde

My mentor and friend used to nearly scold me about buying in to Mercury retrograde.  But if you know anything about astrology and numerology, it can make a difference for others and it is a time of miscommunication, lost car keys, missed appointments, etc.  So be extra cautious as you move forward and take your time.  “They” say that you CAN complete contracts or finish projects during retrograde, but do not start stuff.  On that I agree.

Most of us get hung up on “feelings” and “upsets” during full moons. Add cold weather to that and Mercury retrograde and you have the perfect storm for acting like the comic below.   Honestly, who is the more frustrated?  The driver of the truck or the person that took that much time out of their day to waste that much chalk? lol……….. So pace yourself people and YES be progressive and keep moving, but it’s ok to have a little chicken noodle soup down time and even some wine (without the whine) by the fire place.

As you read this now I am asking that peace comes upon you and that a steady life balance blankets you here and now.  I am also asking that on the most important levels for you that you are now feeling that you have reached a deeper realization that all is well that you’re where you should be for this moment and so it is.

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