TGIWednesday…& free download for clearing money blocks!

I get asked to help people with money and abundance issues all the time and I thought this download might help.

Some common examples of money blocks are:

  • I believe rich people are selfish
  • All rich people are greedy
  • If I am rich I’ll lose my friends and or family
  • In order to get close to God I have to be poor
  • In order to be humble I have to be poor
  • In order to be close to God I need to struggle
  • Getting rich will take too much sacrifice, struggle, and hard work
  • I have past life vows of sacrifice and I need to work hard
  • I have past life vows of poverty, so riches elude me
  • Money to me on some level is the root of all evil
  • Money corrupts anyone who gets too much
  • Money makes good people do bad things
  • Money changes people and I am afraid of change

By reading all of the above I am asking to clear my subconscious blocks to manifesting abundance with grace and ease.  As I read this now I am increasing my subconscious financial thermostat and good fortune flows in around and through me now.
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