TGIWednesday… being of service and exciting news! 📣

TGIWednesday Special Offer

It’s Finally Here!
Since this TGIW’s theme is “being in service”, it seems fitting that so much of the news I have this week is all about how I can be of service to YOU!
Next to private sessions, this special offer is pretty much the ultimate way I know to serve you because I put everything I have into giving you the keys to drive the car.
I spend months, sometimes close to a year preparing and downloading what spirit tells me is the most important information I need to get out to you with my books and recordings.

The package includes Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life (choice of Kindle, iPad pdf/ebook, & Paperback) PLUS an audio mp3 on Being at the Crossroads, Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief AND a Bonus 40 minute Audiobook version read aloud by me that in itself will increase the impact of the information.

There is no doubt that every single one of you would get great benefit from this package – and I encourage you to get it and share it with your friends & family too!

You guys can read all the specifics about this Special Limited Offer when you click the link, but when you break down the reality of the value you are getting, it’s a little over the top…..but I can’t help myself when it comes to being of service – So you better act quickly because I will never offer this low insider’s pricing again!

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TGIWednesday News

I’ve been enjoying taking over the airwaves as a guest, co-host and now host of my very own radio show.  If you missed The Jimmy Mack Healing Show yesterday – here’s the replay.   We are live every Tuesday 12noon ET and replays are available same day!  The call in number is 713-955-0594 press the number 1 if you want to be in the queue to ask questions LIVE!  Plan on me hosting and having guests who are psychics, doctors, lawyers, and even indian chiefs!!!
It’s also been my honor to work with the callers on the “Spiritual Insights” show with Charlotte Spicer twice a month – our next show is TODAY at 3pm ET.  Listener call-in number: 347-934-0731 or listen online and you’ll receive the clearings as well.Then there are two more Special Guest spots coming up:


TGIWednesday Download

Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

“I have the Creator’s definition of service, and know when, where, how, why and what it feels like to be of service to others. I know that it is possible to be of service without being taken advantage of and that I can give of my divine service without being a martyr. That through pure consciousness I am intuitively being guided to display and activate my divine gifts and birthright. Here and now as I say YES!! out loud across all time lines, all languages.”

From the Fishbox

“The liquid fish was something that helped me through the days since my dad’s accident.  I wasn’t able to create the outcome I wanted for him, but the liquid fish was something I could do to get more calm and be present for him while I was with him and while trying to take care of business during this whole ordeal.  There are some amazing blessings about how this whole tragic affair played out.  Thanks for being one of those blessings.”

– P.M / San Francisco

“Congratulations Jimmy!  I am also celebrating my 5th year of being alive since my mastectomy. I turned down chemo and used alternative treatments against medical advice.”

– P.R. / Florida

Fish Food: Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for July 6th

“Today I will be open to what shows up in spirit and my life. I will expect the impossible and live in the possible. I will enjoy the simplest of pleasures and be poised to receive signs that there is a greater meaning to life; signs that cannot easily be explained away. Signs that give meaning to the fact as to why and how I exist at all.”

Get the book & read the full story of the day at: