TGIWednesday and thankful to be alive!

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Yes thankful to be alive and overall minimal damage to me, my home and kitty cat.  And thanks to all of you who called, emailed, Skyped and texted to check on me and Granny Ruth and Kit Kat the kitty cat.

Wowzah.  Ok, a little soul searching and come to Jesus meeting with myself here.  I really worked/fished/played HARD and enlisted others to help/contribute to divert Irma (my sweet grandmother’s name who loved Jimmy Mack) away from Florida.  Now more than ever I believe the meteorologist can only show you what HAS happened because no doctor, lawyer or indian chief is allowed a “250 mile cone of error” with their practice!  But I was certain we could swing this thing due East and in the end, it did go far enough due East AND slow down enough to not annihilate our town.  Dropping from an initial CAT 5 down to a 1 by the time it hit us, was miraculous.

When you’re dealing with a storm twice the size of our state there was no completely missing this one. Three hurricanes were around us at one time, while fires burned in the West and yes there were tornadoes AND an Earthquake.  I only wish that our president and the governor of Florida were tied in a chair and forced to watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth: The Sequel”.  No matter what your political beliefs, the earth is warming, things are changing and there is global warming.

It took Duke Energy two days to restore our power and we’re in a downtown city with minimal damage.  Those of you who know me, know that my idea of “roughing it” is overlooking nature and the mountains from my hotel suite during room service.  So no electric or hot water or ice was ugh…. Never before have we needed more solar and wind initiatives to create energy and come to realize that we have to make peace with Mother Earth!

So thanks everyone for real.  I want you to know that I am back on line, phone, text, email, Skype, Facebook whatever……..reach out just to say hey and know that I am here for you when YOU are in need of some uplifting words and healing frequencies to create and sustain profound changes for you!

I have included a video from my home after the power was out.  As one of my granddaughters would say, “I love going to Grampa’s house, cuz there’s soooo many ghosties there.”  All of the fans were still on low as was the cable box, the blue light on an ionizer machine, a blue nightlight in my bathroom, the bathroom overhead light itself and every salt rock in the place – oh and even the unplugged ones.  So go ahead and explain that one to me.  Paranormal?  Yep.  In a great way.   Just such great signs from spirit that we will we will GUIDE YOU!  One Love.

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Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU and downloading the highest and the best!

Today I will give thanks for the little things.  I will remember that if I have running water, power, shelter, clothes and food then I am better off than half of the world!  I will look to spirit to create increase in, around and through me now.  I will remain in a state of thankfulness and carry with me an attitude of gratitude.  Across all time lines and in all languages and so it is as I read this now!

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“Hi, Happy Friday.  Just wanted to give you a pat on the back………. You had advised my parents would be moving to FL between 9/5 and 9/10.  They leave IN on the 8th and will be in Tampa the 9th.  Spot on as always!!! So cool J”
~ A.O. / Florida

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