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Some of you may not be aware that in my life, I was touched by tragedy due to the addiction and subsequent passing of my beloved little brother Kevin when he was just 28 years old.  I recently wrote an article for called,  “As Long As You’re Alive, There Is Hope” and I wrote it because I believe beyond all knowing that as long as you are alive and moving forward, you have a chance for redemption, rebirth, rejuvenation, and recovery.

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From The Inbox

“Good morning, Jimmy!

Wanted to let you know that I’ve been seeing, hearing and finding out about “changes” happening in my world that are to my liking — with my father, my own thoughts about myself and other people’s behavior toward me.

I’ve always expected prayer to produce a WHAM change or felt my prayer wasn’t answered — church sets you up for that — but these changes are more like flower buds in my vase blossoming — slow unfurling that you don’t see or notice until you turn on the light in the morning.  Each day, a little more and the beauty lasts longer because it wasn’t all at once. 🙂  WOW, THIS IS GREAT… I LIKE IT! Talk to you soon… (I am reading through your books and watching the videos)

Many thanks and Blessings on the day…TS”

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I know what it feels like to stay positive about myself and my goals.  I know how to stay positive.  I stay positive in my daily life and I know that it is possible to stay positive all the time.  Here and now I am releasing and deleting the negative and in its place I am attracting and downloading the positive in every area of my life.
…and so it is now and always


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