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Join me tonight on the Magickal Journey Radio Show at 8pm EDT with host Bryan Rawls, an impressive 8th generation Psychic.  I will tell my story about having a reading by him live on the air and we will both be taking your calls live tonight…………
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Reminder…..I will now be appearing as Special Guest Co-Host on Charlotte Spicer’s featured radio show, Spiritual Insights, on BlogTalkRadio assisting callers twice a month.
June 1
June 15
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I know what it means and feels like to be in alignment with God. That I read this now and know how to, that I can and am worthy of and it is possible and within reach for me to co-create the life of my dreams.  I now have the resources, the time, divine strategies, income, vision, focus and drive to create the life of my dreams in the best way possible.

And so it is on all levels in all space and time, direction, depths, heights and angles now!

From The Fishbox

“Meanwhile, it took a day or 2—but my tooth issue is seemingly resolved! ( and may that last and last…) Thank you, Jimmy!  My daughter told me that her sleep issue seems to be gone–slept great that first night…and her allergies are not an issue anymore. Her husband’s elbow is feeling good. So, more good work, Jimmy!. As a healer also—I am sure you enjoy hearing the “good stuff”- like I do!”
~ L.R. Florida

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Getting closer……. here’s a peek at the new book cover…… should be ready for primetime in mid- June and also the newest MyBeliefworks™ for Being at the Crossroads of Life-changing Decisions audio recording and pdf.

And as always, these audios are here to assist you with changing your energetic beliefs about the common issues so many of us struggle with weight, money, pain, relationships, work, body disorders and more… ALL to improve your life!  Click here to read more!

Fish Food: The Daily Bread to Feel the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for May 25th

“Today I will use the unconventional methods to realize my dreams. I will come up with creative ways and ideas that no one has ever thought of before. Divine guidance will rain down on me and direct my path.”

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