TGIWednesday and having money run to ME!

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My brother and I were taught early on about the value of money. Our father while very generous was also a disciplinarian. I have no doubt that I observed and adopted his work ethic of go go go. Money became a desire for all of us back in the day…next new car, home or exotic vacation.

Today however it is more important than ever to not just do anything for the money only. Whatever you do, make every effort to find joy in it, even if it’s the benefits, comradery of co workers, or some abstract part of the job that you enjoy. Over time, it’s important to lead a well balanced life between work/job/career, family, money, health/well being. As we age, the last thing you want to do is trade any one for the other. Instead of running after the money, this whole month, we’re going to entice money to run to us!

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Today I will remain in the blessings of abundance, money, prosperity and good fortune. I believe, think, know and feel that money is making a run in my direction. I am ready, willing and able and have released all blocks that held money at bay. I know, when, where, how and why to allow the frequency of money rain on all that I am doing. I am asking for this in all languages & throughout all time lines and so it is.
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