TGIWednesday and Get Moving!

So many folks have reported the Winter blues and it’s been mercury retrograde, so sometimes that can be the double whammy!  I want to inspire you to do your best, keep moving forward and do what my youngest son used to call “fun stuff”.  What is your fun stuff?  Working out? Gardening?

Go for a walk when you can.  The Gym, Yoga, Thai Chi, Qi Gong, Zumba, any and everything you can to keep it all and YOU moving forward.  When you are moving and grooving it’s as if the blues just slip off of us like leaves blowing away.

I am sending you better energy as you read this now.  Any negative weakness will now be replaced with more positive strength.  I believe, think, know and feel that better days are upon you now.  I am declaring YOU as you read this now as ready, willing, and able to create positive change and Spirit will show you when, where, how and why.  Your next event will be so out of the blue, mystical and magical that it could have only come from God.

Today I went on my Zen path walk through our neighborhood and down to the water.  Spirit whispered in my ear to YouTube some happier songs.  Here is what came through regardless of the season, it’s ok to pick up the pace people!!!  Spring will be here before you know it!

Love to all

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