TGIWednesday and dealing with sluggishness and the summer heat

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The summer heat wave is everywhere and not to mention we are a week into Mercury Retrograde which doesn’t end until August 19th …. my birthday 🙂 So we want you to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, for real. Yes, a nap is ok if you can sneak off and get one! Please know that we are here as a resource to and for YOU!

94d71986-2c18-4689-b548-05fa69eac97b.jpgSo when things get extra crispy considering full moons, heat and Mercury Retrograde. Reach out to schedule private time for you! In person, phone or Skype just email

Check out the view of last week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse rising over the hill sent in from a client in Australia – wowza.

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It is safe and comfortable to remain cool, calm and motivated regardless of the weather. I know when, where, how, and why to keep this body dressed with appropriate clothes, hydrated, fed and adequately rested. I am ready, willing and able to push forward past doldrums, sluggishness, fatigue and stuckedness. Every day in every way regardless of the temperatures, I will make progress with grace and ease. In all languages and throughout all timelines and so it is.
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26fb9d4d-0142-4dbc-a59c-2f33c412cb2e.jpgAugust 1st – Today I will follow up on all of my fresh leads. I will feel renewed. I will enter into a new beginning. I will accept all new callings, opportunities, and all new openings by letting go of what didn’t work out only to get more from my future than I did from my past. I will look through the windshield of my future instead of the rear view mirror of my past.

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Featured Clearing of the Month
For the month of August, we are featuring the MyBeliefworks for Releasing Dark Energies, Fears and Negativity at a 20% savings. This is the one you want to clear off the yuck and bring light and higher vibrations in during this time!
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YESTERDAY’S REPLAY – DEBBIE DIENSTBIER, our in residence Transmedium Communications with your loved one’s in heaven

Listen Here August 7th – Special Guest Joanne Psychic Leo
Soul readings from the heart, via intuition, numerology and Angel cards too!

Listen Here August 14th Special Guest Shawn Cohen
Intuitive card reader living in England who brings decades of practice and service to her clients. Readings worldwide with amazing accuracy http://www.­

Listen Here August 21st – Special Guest Daniel The Healer
DANIEL THE HEALER is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Body Whisperer, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” and Spiritual Counselor who heals with Love.

Listen Here August 28th – Special Guest Rev Debbie Dienstbier
Our resident transmedium that communicates with your loved ones in spirit LIVE on the air. Amazing readings in person, phone or Skype

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From the Fish Box
"Hey Jimmy, I know you are a busy man. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the help you gave me and our family a little while ago. Things continue to get better day by day. I hope all is well with you and you are having an amazing summer! Take care." – Dan / North Carolina
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Q) Hi Jimmy, How are you? This may or may not sound obvious to you but I just wanted to know when I submit a list for monthly prayer, does it work more strongly if I have one topic I want to work on as opposed to two or three topics?
– R.W. / Australia

A) "Thanks, I like to have a variety of challenges/wishes on the prayer list and that way if we get results on one that’s a dream……..and we take it off the list and go for the next ones. It does not dilute down the prayer to have more than one, I believe it increases the odds of success spread amongst several." – Jimmy Mack