TGIWednesday and creating more pleasure!

Here are some upcoming opportunities to get extra time and healing from me……..
Tomorrow Oct 22nd at 2pm EST, I’ll be the guest speaker on the Your Divine Uniqueness Telesummit with host Moncef Afkir.  Listen here at no cost.
Then on Friday Oct. 23rd at 10am EST I’ll be talking w/host Dana Williams on the Financial Consciousness’ Virtual Summit.   Listen here at no cost.
Still anxiously awaiting the final version of my next awesome fishing adventure.  Soon we’ll have the new print & ebook release of My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®   “Level 5 Advanced Deep Sea Fishing  …stay tuned…

…Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

I know the Creator’s definition of pleasure.  I know that I deserve pleasure, how and when to experience it, and how to live my day to day life without depriving myself of pleasure. I know that from this moment forward I have a healthy dose of pleasure in my daily life and I know how to remember this always.

No to Yes & Change & so it is

Still need more practice fishing out the negative weaknesses and downloading the positive strengths into your life?  Reach out now and we’ll schedule a turbo-charged, super-charged prayer event that could enact results beyond measure so that we know beyond all knowing it could have only come from Spirit!