TGIWednesday and creating miracles

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and as you read this now I am seeing you experiencing profound, magical and fun changes in your life, people, places, things, pets and in all of your situations.  I am seeing profound outcomes.

To God as you know God to be; Show me and tell me with such stunning magnificence that I will know beyond all knowing that it could have only come from you.

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I know what it feels like to experience Miracles in life.   I understand Creator’s perspective and understanding from the seventh plane of what Miracles are.  I know how to live my day to day life manifesting Miracles for myself and others.  I know that Miracles are possible, and occur in life all the time.  I know that from this moment on I am experiencing Miracles every day and I remember this always.  No to Yes and CHANGE! and so it is…

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