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A good motto for life:
At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.  Pictured to the right is my Granddaughter Charlie, and yes that’s a butterfly cape!

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Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU
and downloading the highest and the best!It is safe and comfortable to be in and around family.  I know when where how and why to accept my family for who they are.  I realize that good friends can be family too.  I accept the best traits from my family and allow the release of their flaws.  I release the judgment and ridicule family has placed on me as I relinquish the judgment and ridicule I have placed with them.  Above all else, I release my family in love and accept them for who they are.  And so it is across all time lines and in all languages here and now…You can watch this and all previous 40+ transmission downloads in a special playlist on my YouTube channel.  Click here and please subscribe while you’re visiting!

On Deck!  Certification Program Launch

The Certified Practitioner Training for My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® is getting closer to a becoming a reality!  The online membership program is being designed as we speak.  This will be for existing practitioners who want to become certified to add this technique into their healing practice and also a basic training and private instruction for non-practitioners for personal use.

Those interested in the Certificate of Mastery will find it includes two of my most key “fishing” eBooks, specially selected MyBeliefworks™ audios that will help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal “fishing” results, instructional videos, helpful handouts, and private Q&A and LIVE practice with me in person, phone or Skype.

The Certified Practitioner Gold Program will include the full basic training modules and the exclusively written Practitioner’s Handbook as well as hand selected books, videos & audios.  After passing the certification test, your name, website and contact info will be featured on my website. Those who upgrade to the Platinum Package, we will include the ENTIRE DIGITAL LIBRARY of 7 books and 19 MP3s all for 50% off retail pricing.

Several people have gotten on the list and we will reach out to you directly when it’s time to sign up. Email now to join the list of interested folks.

Live Show Schedule & Replays

Imagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE!  Well, it happens every week on my radio show!  I have co-host guests from all over the world that are some of the best psychic readers and intuitive healers on this or any other planet!  All you have to do is tune in for free and listen or even listen to the replay. If you recognize the caller talking about your challenge or issue whether it’s about a job or a health condition, YOU will receive changes & healings just by listening!  Scroll down below for show dates and times and don’t be afraid to call in and ask for help for yourself, a friend, pet or a loved one!

Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show  Tuesday’s 12-noon ET
Call in LIVE
(713) 955-0594
YESTERDAY’S REPLAY Special Guest Sandra Sullivan, Intuitive/ReaderListen here May 30Debbie Dienstbier, TransmediumJUNE LINEUP OF SPECIAL GUESTS:
JUNE 6th – Richard Gordon – Author & Founder of Quantum Touch
JUNE 13th – Troy Griffin – Christian Medium and Psychic Detective
JUNE 20th – Carrie Turcotte – Motivational Speaker, Medium and Radio Host
JUNE 27th – Debbie Dienstbier – Transmedium and Psychic Communicator
Here’s a kind of interview you’ve never heard from Jimmy before…

He gives quick and very personal answers to a dozen or so questions from host Sasha Langhonh during this ExecuPeaks interview.

Jimmy answers questions like: What are your hidden talents? What life experience would you re-do? What’s your favorite comfort food? What are your daily & nightly rituals? What’s your life mantra? What’s the biggest misconception about you? What is one of life’s biggest mysteries that you wonder about?  Listen here on YouTube!

Fyi… Jimmy will be taking the summer off from co-hosting the Spiritual Insights Radio Show w/Charlotte Spicer which leaves him more time to work on the new Certification Program and other fun projects that will contribute to YOU!

Browse the entire archive of all past interviews and telesummits here.

 Fish Food

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for May 24th

“Today I will realize that we are more than just physical bodies in the here and now. Whenever I face adversity, I will endeavor to ask the questions that will dredge up results and cause everyone to wonder. I will move things forward and leave room for spirit to push open the door to a fulfilling day, and a richer life.”

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available to read & learn about My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®?
Need an extra boost? Reach out to Jimmy for a 15/30/60 min. personal session

 From The Fish Box

“Hi there Jimmy, Just thought to give you an update since our last session:

  • got the money from my aunt to travel in August!
  • have gotten paid for a 3 session energy / activation work
  • doing a trade with my hairdresser for a session
  • a little  girl walked right up to me and gave me the biggest / longest hug after I smiled at her from a distance. Her Mom was shocked, since she doesn’t hug anyone let alone “strangers”!
  • how is it that I don’t have your money and your career audio files. I need them both, right?

That’s about it for now. Feeling connected and supported to the divine mostly. It’s all good. And I want “more of that please” to quote you. Much Love,”

P. / Maryland


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