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Today I am thankful and will show an attitude of gratitude. I know when, where, how and why to give sincere thanks. I will appreciate the little things in life. I am realizing that if I can read or hear this then I have power, running water, a roof over my head, clothes and food which puts me in a category of better than half the world! I am fully present here and now and I choose to help and contribute to those less fortunate than myself. I will take stock of all that I have and all that I am and I will be at peace.

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Live Appearances

Tuesday’s 12-noon ET4e56a395-1d17-4759-8d2f-20a29a151b0e.png
Call in LIVE (713) 955-0594Imagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE! Well, it happens every week on my radio show with some of the best psychic readers & intuitive healers on the planet! Tune in weekly for the FREE live show or replay and YOU will receive changes & healings just by listening!To listen online, click the date links below.

YESTERDAY’S REPLAY Special Guest David Foreman, “The Herbal Pharmacist”
November 21stSpecial Gue st Sherry Torkos, Pharmacist, Author, Certified Fitness Instructor and Health Enthusiast
(Dr. Redcross as seen on“The Doctors,” “The Insider” and E! Entertainment Television has been rescheduled for Dec 19th)
November 28th – Special Guest Rev. Debbie Dienstbier – Our resident Transmedium and Psychic Communicator

Listen here to Jimmy on the “Messages From Above” show yesterday w/host Toni Greene

Browse the interview archives here.

LOCAL APPEARANCEdfb22215-79e1-4836-9f13-a5e4444e3e4f.jpg
I am once again on the schedule to be visiting the beautiful Kodawari Yoga Studios in Tampa
Friday DECEMBER 8th from 10AM-5PM
Call now (813) 773-4017 to book your appointment before they sell out! $33 FOR 15 OR $65 FOR 30 MINUTES

Book Spotlight

This month we announced that all of the digital ebooks in the shop are now 25% off. The two books featured here today compliment each other perfectly. Both were written at a time when the MLF had dramatically developed an even deeper power to change.

The Tackle Box: My Liquid Fish Change Made Simple (2015)70092738-ef40-4ae%208-a8d6-c14ddc258ff4.png
This book includes the most comprehensive step by step “how to” with “do’s and don’ts” for learning the My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® technique including which specific statements & word tracks to use and test, plus illuminating theories channeled from spirit that will give you greater insight in to how it all works AND makes sense! This is the most popular book and is ideal for all beginners. If you don’t have it, add it to your library or gift it to someone for the holidays!

Advanced Deep Sea Fishing: 74e26d76-fe6d-48f5-b1de-7cc23c753492.png(2015)
This book is for those that already know how to fish and may sometimes wonder “if you’re doing it right”. This book will fill in the gaps to what might feel “missing” and greatly enhance your technique. It contains DEEP observations, downloads and vivid descriptions as to how and why this all comes together and works to improve your life that are not in any of my other books.

Visit the digital shop using this 25% off books link and your discount will be automaticlly taken off your order! Or use code BOOKS25. The books can be added on to any orders including audios, 15/30/60 minute sessions or prayer sessions this month.

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Certified Fishing School

The Certificate of Mastery Program for My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® is OPEN FOR ANYONE to join at any time!

This course is for anyone who is familiar with OR new to “fishing” and is ready to dive into the deep end & get results that are beyond the ordinary! It’s a work-at-your-own-pace course that will TEACH you AND CLEAR you at the same time! You’ll also be working with me personally over the phone as a part of your final Mastery Certification test.

Ready to get hooked?
Read this Mastery member testimonial:
“My Liquid Fish Certification program was an amazing journey and experience. It opens the door to physical, mental & spiritual healing expansion and transformation!! Learning with Jimmy Mack is both fun, energizing and informative. He takes me to new realms of possibilities where transformation is instantaneous. I got relief from my back pain: which occurred after lifting some heavy boxes, instantly!! I know for certain that My Liquid Fish will be the tool everybody wants to use in the near future.” – Pradeep S. / India

From the Fish Box

“Jimmy, I got all your belief works Audio MP3’s on my phone in iTunes so I can force everyone to listen in the car….I’m sure my children will thank you…
C.S. / Texas

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations November 15th

“Today I will stay out of the answers and more into the questions. I will not pigeonhole or corner anyone or myself into commitments, rather I will be still and silent and know that the answ ers that come from within are interconnected to the vastness of all that is.”

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available
http://jimmymackhealingshop.com/audioWant to read & learn about My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®?
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