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Just a brief word of love and thanks to everyone who is reading this now.  The latest theme I hear from clients is how busy I am or must be.  Well, please know that I will always make time for you!  That’s why we created half hour and even 15 minute sessions that are available on same day notice for established clients.

Please know that I am here to be of service to you and a wayshower conduit between you and spirit and I will never be “too busy” to schedule time with you!   So if you’re wondering about that new purchase or you have a body ache that won’t leave or can’t decide which person you should be dating, lol, by all means don’t put it off for a month!  Reach out today! Thanks and I am sending you love and blessings as you read this now.

Here’s something special just for you folks receiving this email. Click to get a free download of the My Liquid Fish™ starter kit which was created as a basic introduction to “fishing”.  No sign up required, an instant download for you!  Learning this technique and integrating it into your existing clearing, releasing routine or healing practice can profoundly increase your results – but most of you already know that 🙂      Pass it on….

On The Air

Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show
Tuesday’s 12-noon ET call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

Yesterday’s REPLAYGuest Maureen St. Germain a practical mystic, sacred geometry, akashic records, music and more!

Sept 27th 12pm ET – Guest Alisha Killebrew is known globally for her work as a clairvoyant, channel and spiritual medium. She has been seen on numerous television shows, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Watch What Happens Live, and Couples Therapy. She has spoken on multiple occasions  at Agape’s own Revelation Conference in LA, and is an invited speaker next year at the International Yoga Festival, in India. Tune in on the 27th

Spiritual Insights Radio w/host Charlotte Spicer
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 3pm ET.

As always, we are taking live callers at (347) 934-0751, press 1 to get in the queue.
Sept 7th Replay
TODAY Sept 21st at 3pm ET

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TGIWednesday Download

Just say YES out loud to receive the energy of this on all levels, in all languages
and across all time lines
I know how to and what it feels like to have good luck and good fortune.  That I can and live in the zone of a shining path intuitively knowing what is best.  That while doing what I love and do best serves myself and others as I hear this now, I am asking for a golden open way to be made clear to me and for my past, present and future selves.  Across all time lines, and languages to allow good luck and good fortune to flow in, around and through me as I hear this, here and now and so it is——————————
Watch this video to receive the transmission from Jimmy.

Fish Food: The Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for September 21st

“Today I will realize that my prayers and positive thoughts are for reaching. I can have positive effects on outcomes in my life and that of others. I have been delivered and I know that God will deliver me from all harm.”

Get the book & read the full story of the day at:

From the Fish Box

“Hi Jimmy,
Just wanted to give you an update since you have started the daily prayer service for me. We were two mortgage payments behind unfortunately. (I am a teacher and didn’t have income over the summer). Yesterday, my father-in-law gave us a check to make the two past payments and the one for this month! Yay!
My husband’s family business went out of business in 2009/10 because of the economy. After being out of work, he got a job at a bank. Yay for a job, but the pay wasn’t as much as he was making before, so we have had a hard time ever since. Since the daily prayer service, he has had two different people tell him they were interested in hiring him for a job!!!. I have to say that he hasn’t had any one offer him another job opportunity in years. I know these things are going so well because of your prayers. Thank you! I am going to have to schedule a session at some point soon. But I am definitely going to renew the daily prayer service when it comes up! Thank you Jimmy! Much love to you!”– E.W. / Virginia

On the Boat Deck

Clearing Transactional Space Audio MP3
This upcoming audio/mp3 will be all about buying and selling stuff like various products or services; from Real Estate, anything with a motor in it to random things on eBay. If you are in sales or love someone who is, this one will be a must have!  This specific audio will address and clear any negative blocks around it so that you can either buy or sell with grace and ease!
The Fishing Lines, Book and eBook
On deck… an A-Z compilation of diseases, disorders, illnesses and the words that can heal them!  A comprehensive, alphabetic list of health topics, their root causes, and the associated negative blocks along with word remedies all prepared for you and ready to fish out!  Folks have been asking me for years and fumbling about, “What are the right words to say?”  Well here you go!  You’re welcome.  Lol………it’s been 2 years in the making and should be out for the holidays.
Healing Pet Sounds Audio MP3
In the works… a pet healing audio for all animals in your care.  Listening to it for them or playing it out loud for them can change diseases, illness and disorders and could vastly improve a health or behavioral problem. This particular Audio MP3 has been years in the making as I have been working with and on pets and animals for decades.  “Jimmy, I need to know more!”  I hear you! Just go here to learn about my Pet Healing Session….

Featured Audios

Because it’s coming up on “that time of year” and we all know how the stress & sometimes even dread can often start to build up. Now is the time to grab these 2 audio mp3/pdfs NOW EACH $10 OFF and they will help get you through it with ease!
MyBeliefworks™ for Traveling With Ease
Download it now & Get $10 OFF
MyBeliefworks™ Relieving Holiday Stress
Download it now & Get $10 OFF
What about other clearing audios?

Where are your books that would teach me how to do My Liquid Fish?

VIP Services

SPECIAL FEATURE: Daily Prayer Service

Now you can live like the rich and famous that have me working on them daily!  I will dial in to you daily upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day.  I will add you to my daily prayers as well as my computer software which runs 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive.  This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone.  You can add everyone that lives in your immediate home and yes you can include pets!  Merely include everyone’s names.  You can run this monthly and stop at any time after the 30 days is up you will have the opportunity to renew each month, but are under no obligation.  I know you will actually see and feel the differences that this can make for you.  You can stop or start at any time and this is about 3$’s a day which is less than a trip to Starbucks!  It will create more magic in your life!

After you book any service, Email to confirm your purchase and schedule time together.

All other dynamic services you’ve always dreamed of are still a click away.
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