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The Pot of Gold. Isn’t that what’s at the end of the rainbow? Of course we think of all of it as a journey instead of a destination for sure, so you may as well enjoy the ride because there will be ups and downs and in fact, lulls where it’s boring and maybe even some overwhelm when it’s all too much!

One of my dearest friends refers to money or in this case the pot of gold as “the green salve that can cure anything” ok, well maybe not “everything” but it does help to have money instead of going through trials and tribulations with no money.

Right now I am seeing a Pot of Gold everywhere you look! In your home, in your work place, with your family and friends and in your pocket! I am asking for every aspect of your life to improve financially, dramatically as you read this now!

Don’t forget… you can register to join us tonight for our 30 minute Zoom clearing call to receive over 100 clearings on finding your Pot of Gold!

And I also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter 🐇 and Passover ✡️

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I believe, think, know and feel that life can be filled to overflowing with a pot of gold. I am ready, willing and able to lean into life with self-confidence knowing that my wants and needs will be financially exceeded! I know, when, where, how and why to be open to receiving, deserving & worthy of seeing the golden viewpoint in my life wherever I look! I’m asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.
TONIGHT March 31st, 2021
7:30pm EDT | 4:30pm PDT |
12:30am UK April 1st

Registration is $22
30 minutes live, includes replay download

Replay sent to ALL who are registered.
This will be a non-participation call, all listeners will be muted.
– What do you feel has been blocking you your whole life from money?
– What were your parents and ancestors like with money and wealth? rich or poor?
– What are your wishes hopes and dreams for using new found money?
– What would you buy? What would you improve in your life if you had more money?

Please keep your entries to ONE LINERS whenever possible to prevent extra editing.

Submit your Top 3 to support@jimmymackhealing by 3pm TODAY REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the registration link and click on the date circled in BLUE. Look for the event time shown in YOUR time zone. SELECT THAT TIME & then click on the BLUE CONFIRM BUTTON then follow through & complete your payment.

Register Here – $22
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f806ad08-9109-4bc4-b170-d5db8c9898d0.pngPRACTICAL MAGIC – Season 2 hosted by Michele Lee and Megan Camille
Season Begins on Monday April 12th thru 19th

Many leading spiritual teachers, including myself, are featured on the Practical Magic Online Interactive Training Season 2! In season 2 we’re going deep into quantum physics, galactic beings, accelerated manifestation, spontaneous healing and The New Earth! I’m excited and honored to be featured once again. This is the place where woo-woo isn’t a hobby it’s a WAY OF LIFE!

YOU WEALTH REVOLUTION hosted by Darius 28c833b0-2dca-4096-8725-8c1e43543a0f.png
New Energy, New You!
New Season Happening Now!
It’s the biggest energy healing event of the year – best of all it’s FREE from your home!

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Jimmy’s LIVE Interview is Thurs. May 13th & he will be taking LIVE callers!