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Out of the blue and on a whim my girlfriend picked up lotto tickets for both of us and handed me one.  As luck would have it hers was what we call a dud, while mine is attached as a winner of $52!!! As I always say, “I’m getting closer to the BIG one” and you’ve got to celebrate them all.  Of course we all know who will end up with that money regardless of who the winner is!

Keep in mind that spirit can touch your life in the oddest and most surprising of ways!  When you don’t think they hear you, believe me they do!  More often than not it seems the best gifts we get are by giving to others!  Along those lines, please accept this invitation to join us TOMORROW at 4pm NY time for our monthly Zoom call that’s all about Cosmic Finances.  Keep the faith!

The picture below is what happens at my house when St.Paddy’s and Easter fall in the same months just two weeks apart LOL

Reach out whenever we can help/contribute to you and yours in any way.
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Cosmic Finances Event Tomorrow at 4PM EDT
Starting this month, we are moving our LIVE Zoom event to the last THURSDAY of each month and the NEW TIME is 4PM EDT

TOMORROW MARCH 28TH – 30 minute LIVE Zoom listening event.
4:00 PM EDT/ 2pm CDT/ 1pm PDT/10pm UK 
Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and REPLAY) 

THEME:  COSMIC FINANCING – Calling on the ethereal cosmos to bring the financial rain that we so richly deserve!In the midst of all of this worldwide financial upheaval and uncertainty, let’s get tuned into our divine cosmic abundance frequency and help co-create better financial times for ourselves, those we love, and for the world!

Register today it’s nearly at capacity – Get in now and submit your Top 3! 

FOR MYSELF1) I’d like to _____
(release lingering money blocks, increase money flows in all forms, receive surprise mailbox money, triple my investment earnings, align with a BIG money frequency, 10x my income, have surplus of money to go on the vacation of my dreams/ buy a new car, boat, RV…)


2) Allow my loved one (sister, brother, daughter, son, grandkids, father, mother, spouse, partner) to______
(get that raise, afford their education, take that trip, win a life-changing amount of money, have money to get married, pregnant, adopt etc)


3) Allow and encourage all people and financial policy makers to ________.
(to increase their cosmic money frequency, support one another toward financial success, work together to set up simple, stable and sustainable financial systems & solutions, to move beyond the frequency of lack once and for all, for more money be spent on preserving our plants and animal resources for the next generation, for all to enjoy a thriving widely accepted currency)

Pre-register Now – $22
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I believe, think, know and feel that by giving to others, I am richly blessed.  I know when, where, how and why to offer up the gifts I have knowing that by doing so, I will be in a position of receiving gifts as well.  I am ready, willing and able to offer my special gifts to others and by doing so, I am receiving, deserving and worthy of blessing in the process and so it is.  I am asking in all languages and throughout all timelines.  Know that if you’ll make a little daily progress the rest of your life will be the best of your life!

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What’s On Deck?
Returning to Your Ethereal Restore Point 
An excellent vehicle to support anti-aging, finances even wellness rebirth and a return to splendor!
This got pushed down the calendar a bit, so look for it some time in mid-April!

Prior to being born you were the culmination of stardust, energy, frequency and vibration.  Upon inception up until delivery you were a perfect being free of judgement, anger, or debt; unencumbered from whatever society, religion, politics, schooling and other people were going to rain down upon you throughout your life.

We’ll take you back to that single point energetically and create a mystical do-over!  This work will infuse a mix of Tesla’s 3-6-9 and David Hawkins’ vibrational scale of consciousness.  As a bonus it will include a taster of the upcoming Cosmic Financing MyBeliefWorks clearings! These clearing statements can reset you back a restore point where you were energetically – prior to financial losses, bankruptcy, a bad divorce, job loss and so on!

Join us on our continuing voyage to navigate the unusual, the different and the deepest changes!
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The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
Tell the Fish – 365 Daily Inspirations and Affirmations – by Jimmy Mack
Own this e-book so that you can read inspiration every day!

“Today I will take in the expansive feeling that beauty and depth can bring. I will enjoy the moment and look at all the deeds both great and small and take in the spirit of creation while blending myself into the void of all that is.”

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Easter Energy Healing – new Cosmic Conversations video clearings
with Marla Martenson
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Come See Me in Tampa Office

I am offering sessions at Dr. Charla Tempone’s office at Swann Holistic Health Solutions in Tampa. The the next opportunity to book a session there is:

FRIDAY APRIL 19TH | 10-4pm 

Please call their office directly at  ☎️ (813) 873-7773 in order to get on the schedule for 15-minutes $45 or 30-minutes $75. If you’re new to working with him, we suggest you schedule 30 minutes

403 S. Habana Ave. Tampa, FL 33609
Just south of Azeele next to Skin Savvy

From the Fish Box
  Okay…. forgive me, but I have to tell you this. The other day when I was looking at the Jimmy Mack site and the offerings and thinking, “Should I do this?” …the song that popped on the radio just as I had that thought was “Jimmy Mack” by Martha  & The Vandellas.! I always “ask” for clear direct signs from spirit. That could not have been clearer. 😂.”
The Fish Market
We have grouped 40+ audio titles into MyBeliefWorks Audio Collections. Find a topic that addresses your issue(s)  We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better and we are ALWAYS working on the next one. Don’t forget… you can share these with your immediate friends and family.

The 5 Anchors Energy Process
The Purple Rain Energy Process
The Magical Golden Key Process

Receive 24/7 Prayers from Jimmy

Your name will be added to a special VIP Prayer list where Jimmy will use his intelligent computer software, src4you which runs 24/7, to delete the negative and increase the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of favorable outcomes for you.

Looking for a new job?  Going through a court proceeding? Upcoming surgery scheduled for you or a loved one?  Need help selling or buying a property? Troubled times in your relationship? These are just some of the life at the crossroads events that are ideal for My Daily Prayer program.

30 Days of Daily Prayer (single month) – $99/month
This $99 service is for ONE SINGLE MONTH of 30 DAYS ONLY.  Click here
After the 30 days, you will receive an email from Jimmy and have the opportunity to renew for an additional month plus update your list, but you are under no obligation.

You can add yourself and those living in your immediate household and yes you can include pets! Merely include everyone’s names and Jimmy will add them to his daily prayers.

**NOTE: Most clients save money and choose the auto-renew option listed below so they do not miss a single day of prayers PLUS they take advantage of the cummulative effects of this service over time.

Monthly subscription – $95/month on auto-renew 

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