TGIMonday: Who doesn’t love a FREE BONUS?

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Announcing a new BONUS with purchase!
Well, when good ideas show up out of the blue, that’s my sign to run with it!

As the girls and I are preparing for the upcoming YWR Season 23 with Darius this month, we put together a Special Free Gift MP3 for his listeners that we see now would be an excellent Bonus for our new Joy of Money MP3 launch!

We created an exclusive MP3 with CLEARINGS FROM ALL 6 MONEY AUDIOS! and put it on one(1) 20 minute MP3 – “The Best of the Money Series” sampler.

So….as of today, ANY NEW BUYERS can download this NEW BONUS from their “Joy of Money” PDF and anyone who has already purchased it will be receiving an updated confirmation email from Shopify with the NEW PDF with bonus download link. 

Here’s a wonderful response we received from a new buyer last week:
“Thank you so much. I love the new Joy of Money! It is super powerful and very fact it also has completely cleared my place.  A great space clearing to boot!  It is like there is room for new riches to manifest now.  Feeling very joyful and happy after listening to this lovely mp3. I look forward to many more lovely results. I will keep you posted. Your creations are truly beautiful.” – love, Rahima
Read samples & testimonials here!

This one is ALL about reinforcing the joy of money and stimulating better money flow & manifestation in your life as well as aligning you with money blessings and future money!*Hear Jimmy fish in 100 booster statements for you – all on 1PDF/MP3!

BUY IT NOW FOR JUST $39 Regular price will be $57, save $18
Download Now – $39

When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you are NOT missing a file, Open the PDF)
The AUDIO MP3 links will be INSIDE THE PDF the top of page 1!

**Through this Friday at Midnight PDT**

ALL 6 MP3/PDFs in the  money series are 10% OFF when you purchase the new audio. It’s a great chance for you to fill in the gaps now and get the ones you need to complete the full series!

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