Prayers for Healing 💗 and Forgiveness 🌹

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Our prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Orlando.

If you or a loved one need a session regarding this terrible event or the upcoming Father’s Day in order to improve your relationship with your father figure(s) whether they are alive or crossed over. Please reach out to  One Love.

Just a reminder that I will be guest co-hosting TODAY at 3pm ET on Spiritual Insights with host Charlotte Spicer.  This call is LIVE so if you want to work with me on the air, you can dial (347) 934-0751 and press 1 on your keypad and listen here

The latest video clearings with Marla and me, shifting the energy here and now!

Starting July 5th… the next big thing will be my own radio show Tuesday’s at 12p ET. My first guest is the producer of the show, also a great healer in her own right Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT  We’ll be taking live callers for an hour for free healing every week.  Mark your calendars!

ALSO…………  if you are a psychic/healer/doctor/lawyer/Indian chief and you have a practice and or have been on radio shows before and/or would like to be a guest on mine, please email me!!!

A big thank you to our hosts Tim and Donna and to all those that attended last weekend’s meeting in Lecanto Florida. Great meeting the folks there and being able to contribute… welcome to TGIW!

“Thank you for my gift.  It was a pleasure to meet Sandy and yourself.  Want you to know that I slept VERY WELL on Saturday evening. I really was cleared and I thank you for that.” – L.F.

Special thanks for Monday’s bartered session with Tampa local Kerry Kott
Doctor of Oriental Medicine * Acupuncturist Herbalist * Spirituality * Tree Hugger * Fairy Spirit
When I had my phone in the living room it was at an 85 percent charge and when Kerry was through working on me, I picked it up to check my messages and it had charged up to 100 percent battery life.  I don’t make this stuff up folks…there are no real words or explanations…good stuff…

TGIWednesday Download

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy and as a life long Floridian, we are dedicating this download to all those that were involved, related to or even listened to or watched the tragedy of this event. 

Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

I have the Creator’s perspective and definition of healing, peace and forgiveness with unity.  I know how to, when to and what it feels like to allow these frequencies to flow in, around and through me now.  That we are all open to receiving this, deserving and worthy of it.  That we have the vision, the focus and the abilities to allow this healing of peace, forgiveness and unity to come upon us here and now.

…And so it is on all levels in all space and time, direction, depths, heights and angles now!

From The Fishbox

A note from a listener of the “Healing Family Relationships” mp3 audio…

“…and mom apologized (possibly a first in my lifetime). Thank you for this healing mp3.
– J.E.  Northeast USA

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