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Due to an overwhelming demand from listeners… we are now releasing the “Clearing the 5 Anchors Guided Energy Process” original live recording for instant download TODAY!!

This approx 10-minute guided energy process is an encore recording of a live call-in show and could be a game-changer in your life!  During this incredibly potent and popular process, I lead listeners step by step through a deep clearing that has the power to FINALLY remove/unhook that ONE ongoing, repeating or stuck issue you may be struggling with.

After the process was delivered live to tens of thousands of listeners… we received an immediate and incredible reaction (read more below). That introduction to the 5 Anchors Process instantly created a morphic field around the globe which continues to expand and amplify with each new listener. 

“When Jimmy brought in the 5 Anchors clearing, I felt like this “kink in my neck” came out of my heart & I felt the feelings of why I was “ducking” & scrunching up my neck & shoulder (like bracing for something to fall on the head) & the whole top of my heart, my neck, & my left shoulder just unwound in such an amazing way, that I can only say was miraculous! Will be sure to check back for the MP3 when it becomes available.” – Kate C in VA

“Really looking forward to the new clearing the 5 Anchors MP3 coming out, it will be a gift to so many myself included. Keep up the great work.” – Deb 

“As for the 5 anchors, that is extraordinary stuff and so very truthful at this time.” – R. S.

This never before released audio recording of that event is NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR JUST $19 and is being added to our new category of digital products in the shop: “Guided Audio Processes”

All you need to do is listen to it and either sit comfortably or lay down with your eyes closed. This could be that one process that will make the difference in your life and yes you can listen to it on behalf of others and their challenges too!

Buy it Now – Only $19

Stay tuned because there is MUCH more to come on this. The downloads from Spirit have been coming in fast and deep since this process was first made public and we are currently working on putting together a larger, more advanced piece including a full script, audio, video tutorial and even an advanced prayer for protection that could keep you free from attacks by aliens, evil and the like.

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The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
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365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations:
“Today I will change my life by changing my thinking. I will endeavor to allow stress to pass me by. I will live in today’s moment and allow beautiful people, places, and things to flow into my life.”
NEXT WEDNESDAY JUNE 29th at 7:30pm
Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and replay)
THEME: Fathers, father God and masculine energy.  Whether your father was awesome, unavailable, evil or a mixture of all of that!  You’ll want to clear all you can at this event.

*NOTE* The replay of this call will now be sold for $27 the day after in our shop. So pre-register & submit your items whether or not you can attend live to get the lower price.
Positive suggested word tracks can be: Please help my husband to be as loving and kind to my children and me as my father was towards his children. Allow the heavenly father energy to flow in, around and through me here and now. I can experience holidays knowing that the ultimate dad, father figure for me is our heavenly father.

Negative items to clear as samples: Allow me to forgive my father for all that he did to me and all that he did not do for me. I now see my life as rising out of the ashes and instead of shaking my fist at God, I am now humbled by feeling his presence. I am releasing all the guilt and shame around missing my father’s passing and know now that yes he can still hear me.

**All who are pre-registered can submit their top 3 wishes to change using short powerful sentences by 3pm Eastern on the day of the event to

Pre-register Here for $22
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