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TGIWednesday: Hot tub madness

TGIWednesday News If I didn’t visit LA Fitness every day and work out, I am not sure what would happen but it would not be pretty.  I like to eat and some might consider my “profession” a bit stressful hearing life and death daily and making every effort to provide relief, comfort guidance and direction.…

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TGIWednesday: How is your perception?

TGIWednesday News In Florida we have an 80-mile long stretch of highway known as Alligator Alley named for obvious reasons!  It runs from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami.  When we were young my father dragged my brother and I around the world hunting and fishing and every mile or two driving over Alligator Alley, I could…

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TGIWednesday: When is the baby due?

TGIWednesday News My mother the great Granny Ruth would always be smiling and joking and what she would refer to as “chiding” you, but not in a harsh way.  I look back on it now and it was like a conversation starter or just a way to get a rise out of you or her…

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TGIWednesday: 9 months in the making PLUS

TGIWednesday News It was the last Thursday in January and it was cold and dreary for Florida.  This moment was 9 months in the making, and I was done with being overly patient and kind lol.  He kept getting closer and closer to me and was always talking.  I would chuck small chunks of tuna…

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TGIWednesday: Divine timing

TGIWednesday News Take your sweetheart to the fair they said, it will be fun they said LOL.  I have to give my driver/girlfriend credit.  She weaved in and out of everything and everyone on our ride to the annual Florida State Fair visit.  We weren’t  partaking in deep-fried cotton candy or rides that would make…

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