Are you joining the live Zoom event Wednesday night?

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Join me this Wednesday as we close out this year with our final monthly live event which isby invitation only to our TGIW subscribers. This Wednesday’s call will deal with themes of intuition, psychic gifts and blocks to higher potential.

This call is unique in that you have the benefit of tapping into a multitude of issues that our participants with truly insightful comments have submitted for the group.
We compile that list of dozens of write-ins and one by one, we will clear it ALL together that evening.

And know too that during the LIVE call, I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

The value in this is tremendous! Instead of paying $68 for a half hour one on one with me where we might clear a dozen or so items, you can join our group each month for just $22 where together in 30 minutes you will watch in silence and amazement as you hear and feel the shifts of over 100 items – most of which you haven’t even thought of until you hear them LIVE!!

NOTE: If you were a recent buyer of Darius’ Season 20 Package B, this call is INCLUDED with your purchase. Check your confirmation email from Darius to find your package download page link which contains the direct Zoom link and call details. You should also have rec’d a direct registration sign up earlier this month- check your inbox.

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Theme of Intuition & Psychic Gifts and Blocks to Higher Potential

Wednesday December 30th, 2020
7:30pm EDT | 4:30pm PDT | 12:30am UK

Registration is $22
30 minutes live, includes replay download

Replay sent to ALL who are registered.
This will be a non-participation call, all listeners will be muted.

Below you can look over what we are focusing on and what has already been submitted:

  • Clear misunderstanding/misinterpreting divine messages/signs or misassociating/misidentifying them
  • Fear of connecting with others, especially those not in form, due to trust issues or fear of being deceived, used or abused.
  • Be aligned, strong and connected to the Holy Spirit and feeling and knowing that I am worthy, deserving and more than enough to have, receive and feel that connection.
  • I release, uncreated, and destroy all subconscious, religious, familial, blocks and fears that are keeping me from being intuitive and experiencing my psychic gifts.
  • I receive the experience and knowing of every psychic gift and ability, and all the clarity thereof, that is already mine by divine right. I am done chasing after what’s already mine.
  • I wish to operate from my highest-self perspective with maximum/clear access to my intuitive gifts with grace and ease.
  • I wish to receive more tools for my psychic toolbelt — with ease of accessing these tools and an understanding in how to use these tools.
  • I wish to receive my next psychic steps — and for more psychic confidence and trust to take these steps.
  • Interpretation of reading Angel cards or other cards and hearing the message clearly
Sign Up Here – $22
Deadline: Submit your Top 3 by 3pm Eastern this Wedneday
To all who register now or have previously registered, please submit your Top 3 issues on this month’s topic to supportIf you register after that time, there is no guarantee your list will be included on the call.

Make progress every day,

PS. Can’t make this Zoom event live? Please know that the replay will be just as powerful as the LIVE event. So get registered now and own a forever copy of this call. Register here:

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