Are you joining me for Wednesday’s LIVE Zoom event?

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THIS WEDNESDAY May 25TH at 7:30pm
Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and replay)

TOPIC: This call will be all about Goddess, Mother Earth energy and any issues you’ve had with Mom or being a Mom. Any area where you lacked guidance from Mom, or she was overbearing and anything in between. You’ll be asked to submit your top 3 wishes to change and they will each be addressed and cleared LIVE on this 30-minute Zoom call. (All participants are muted).

*NOTE* The replay of this call will now be sold for $27 the day after in our shop. So pre-register & submit your items whether or not you can attend live to get the lower price.

Pre-register Here for $22
**YWR/Darius Season 23 Spring Offer Pkg B or C Buyers: This is call #2 which is INCLUDED in your offer – The direct Zoom link is already available on your Package download page and you have also received a call confirmation email on Thursday 5/19/22 which activates notifications sent 24-hrs and 1-hr before next Wednesday’s LIVE call.

To all who are registered:   Submit your top 3 wishes to change using short powerful sentences by 12PM Eastern on the day othe event to or simply reply here. (Keep to one-liners when possible – editing is very time consuming

Positive Examples to Strengthen: *Allow me to be an excellent child of my mother, as well as an excellent parent to my children and grand children. *I see myself doing my part to become more intuitive and aware of the Goddess energy within all of us. *Through recycling and other conservations measures, I see myself as giving back to and protecting Gaia mother earth

Negative Examples to Clear:  *Please remove ill will between myself and my mother and any negative patterns that go against love and peace. *Allow me to stay out of what is often the evil conflict of the world and for the Goddess energy to envelop and ground me now. *Anywhere I have abused or used the earth resources directly or indirectly by polluting, instead allow me to leave a zero carbon footprint.

Purple Rain Process Available Now!
This guided energy process is meant to be experienced as a listen-only piece, NO PDF transcript is provided. It is taken directly from a powerful LIVE call recording when it originally was released into the field among thousands of listeners who contributed to its potency.  So either sit comfortably or lay down with eyes closed when listening.
Includes one (1) downloadable digital MP3 FILE (not an MP3 link) for instant download to your computer/device.

“Hello Jimmy, I wrote the first half of this Monday before you offered the Purple Rain track for purchase! I laughed to myself when I saw it, and bought it immediately–beautiful synchronicity. I am still noticing the effects of the first time I listened to it, and I thank Source for it in this prayer request. Going a little deeper on this one 🙂 Thank you, always, for all you do.” – Nicole

Buy MP3 Here for $19
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